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Louis Notari – the Father of Monegasque Literature

Louis Notari

Anywhere in the Principality you will probably hear English, French, Russian, Italian, and possibly more languages spoken. Monaco is truly a multi-national playground and its residents are multi-lingual. However, the Monaco constitution of 1962 stipulates French as its only official language. But if you stroll through the narrow streets of le Rocher, you may hear yet another language that is …

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Leo Ferre — An Anarchist Musician from Monaco

Leo Ferre

A one -man orchestra, this is what the Monegasque musician Leo Ferre truly is. During his career he managed to release dozens of albums, write a novel and compose oratorios inspired by the non-trivial verses of Appolinaire and Baudelaire. Ferre considered himself an anarchist; a concept typical of his entire lifetime as a musician. On August 24, 1916 a boy …

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Louis Notari, the pioneer of Monegasque literature

Louis Notari

HelloMonaco continues its series on Monaco celebrities, revealing the stars that live amongst us, how they came to be and the legacy they created throughout their life. It comes as no surprise that the Principality of Monaco is home to many influencers, business men and world class entrepreneurs but also some celebrities, each with varying levels of fame that you …

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Ringo Starr: ex-Beatle and the richest drummer in the world

Ringo Starr

The Principality of Monaco is home to many well-known faces that are familiar with the limelight; it is a luxurious setting that caters to their desires. HelloMonaco continues its series on the celebrities that live or have lived in Monaco, some of which you might have bumped into in the streets and some you weren’t even aware lived here! A …

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Sir Roger Moore: James Bond legend dies after battle with cancer

Roger Moore

British actor, Roger Moore, who became famous for portraying James Bond in seven “007” films between 1973 and 1985, has died after a battle with cancer, according to British medias. He was 89. In a statement posted on the actor’s official social media accounts it was revealed that Moore had passed away in Switzerland after a “short but brave battle …

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