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Glamour and Sports – The Alpine Resorts not to be Missed, Part II

Alpine Ski Resorts: More of the Best

In this article, we will offer more details about the best alpine ski resorts for all your winter getaway fantasies. Read also first part of our selection.

You are just coming round from the New Year festivities and more holidays are coming up. If you are nostalgic for a warm fur coat, for making a snowman, breathing in the frosty air, and you want to enjoy skiing, sleighing and a glass of a fragrant mulled wine by the fireplace… it’s time to pack your bags and head to the mountains.

Today we will continue our journey through the best alpine resorts.

St. Moritz Ski Resort: the air is like “dry Champagne”

St. Moritz is located in the Graubunden canton, by the majestic Bernina Mountains, in a very picturesque part of Switzerland. Curiously, this town became a skiing capital because of a bet. In 1864 the owner of the now legendary “Kulm” hotel, Johannes Badrutt offered four Englishmen, his regular summer guests, to spend a couple of weeks at the resort in winter. He promised to pay all their expenses if ever his guests were not happy with anything. Badrutt won his bet and those Brits helped to lay the foundation of a glorious new ski resort.

St. Moritz
St. Moritz

St. Moritz offers several ski areas located directly above the town and the valley. Five scenic mountain ranges from large slopes and the biggest of them ̶ Corviglia, Corvatsch and Diavolezza. Corviglia is accessible by cable car, Corvatsch is a 15 minute bus ride away and Diavolezza is 30 minutes away. The slopes are not connected to each other and there are few tracks for beginners. There are not that many ski-in ski-out hotels. But this is about the only disappointment.

On top of fantastic slopes, St. Moritz offers a selection of spa services: mineral and aromatic baths, massage, physiotherapy, mud treatments and body wraps.

Other popular activities include the sightseeing railway tours “Glacier Express” and the “Bernina Express”. An eight-hour journey from Zermatt-Brig-Andermatt-Chur-Davos-St. Moritz will take you through the Alps at an altitude of 2,033 meters, with its incredible views of glaciers and alpine mountains.

St. Moritz is accessible from Zurich airport (3 hours by car), Milan (3 hours) and Munich (4 hours). A train will bring you from Zurich straight to the resort station within 3 hours.

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Davos Ski Resort: between a city and a resort.

Most tourists know Davos primarily as a venue for the World Economic Forum. It is the most mountainous town in Europe, situated at an altitude of 1,560 meters above the sea level. Davos was a popular resort long before skiing became its main activity. It was a popular spa destination back in the 19th century. Nowadays, you can come to just relax here for a few days, touring the shops, restaurants and cafes. This is more of an actual city, rather than a typical alpine village.


When it comes to Davos as a ski resort, it is recommended for all skiers from beginners to pros. The total length of its slopes amounts to 320 km, with 56 lifts operating on the resort. A funicular railway takes you to the Parsen zone of Davos, offering green and red slopes. Madriz is a traditional family area for rides with children. Modern lifts and quite versatile ski slopes are among its many advantages. Entertainment-wise, the choice is abundant: from quiet “family” restaurants to buzzing party nightclubs.

Zurich Airport is the closest one to Davos and is only 2.5 hours away by car.

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 Meribel Ski Resort: the heart of the three valleys

This charming town is located at an altitude of 1,700 to 1,850 meters above sea level. It has its own unique architectural style. Stone chalets with gabled roofs are set against pristine nature and create a special atmosphere. The resort consists of three areas: Centre, Belvedere and Mottaret, interconnected by ski lifts and roads.


Meribel was founded in 1938 by an Englishman, Peter Lindsay, thus its distinctive British flavor despite the prevailing Savoyard atmosphere. The main accommodations around here are chalets and apartments, and this place is particularly family friendly. If you are a fan of ski-in ski-out hotels, we recommend you stay in Mottaret.

Meribel offers you 150 kilometers of well-maintained skiing slopes and 28 kilometers of walking tracks. In addition, there are two slalom stadiums, two snowboarding parks and some modern lifts. This place is good for any level of skiing. If you just enjoy people watching and contemplating nature, you will find quite a lot to do. The resort also provides a ski school for both children and adults, and a great selection of other sports if you want a break from skiing.

Your only disappointment here may be a huge influx of tourists during the winter holidays. To make the most of the resort, come here in late February. And here’s another tip: when booking a chalet or an apartment, make sure it is located next to a lift. Otherwise you will have to do make tedious journeys uphill.

Meribel is most easily accessible from the Chambery Airport (103).

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Megève Ski Resort: the Rothschild’s favorite

This old Savoyard village has become one of the best ski resorts in the world thanks to the Rothschild family. After the war, Baroness Rothschild made sure it could compete with the Swiss St. Moritz, and she did it brilliantly. By the way, some of the descendants of the billionaire dynasty still live here to this day.


Megève has the exclusive atmosphere of an ancient town with its mediaeval houses, Main Square, old church and a bell tower. This town is also referred to as the 21st district of Paris. This is the style icon that gave light to the film “Dangerous Liaisons”. The Mont Blanc hotel in Megève features the legendary Jean Cocteau’s restaurant “Les enfants terribles”. If you are more interested in slopes than in the town’s history, the Megève resort is specially designed for quiet and comfortable skiing among its snow-covered fir trees. However, you will also find more difficult tracks here – the “Emile Allais” descent for example. The total length of the route is 445 kilometers – with 45 green, 64 blue, 80 red and 34 black color-coded slopes. Just above Megève, there are 325 tracks and a total of 41 lifts. Just like any other luxury resort, Megève has a ski school for beginners and for snowboarders, and kindergartens for children.

In addition, the resort offers a variety of entertainment: casino, bowling, a sports centre with a swimming pool and tennis courts, discos, nightclubs, bars, and restaurants to meet any budget. The resort is equipped with its own airfield, giving you an opportunity to rise over the Mont Blanc and see it from a bird’s-eye view. We also recommend you visit the thermal park of Saint-Gervais-les-Bains with its hot mineral springs.

Geneva Airport is the closest one to the Megève resort (86 km away).

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We are planning our journey to one of these amazing alpine resorts, what about you?
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