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Monaco Words of Wisdom: Joёl Bouzou

Joel Bouzou

Joël Bouzou is an Olympic champion and president and founder of Peace and Sport, a global organisation to foster peace, dialogue and reconciliation in areas of conflict throughout the world. He has been awarded several medals, including an Olympic Bronze for Modern Pentathlon, a gold medal for Youth and Sport in France and the Legion of Honour, France’s highest civil …

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Monaco Words of Wisdom: Thierry Boutsen

Thierry Boutsen

Thierry Boutsen is best known as a champion car racer. He had a long career behind the wheel, driving Formula One, European Touring , and World Sportscars. In Formula One, he drove for Benetton, mounting the podium six times, and with Williams, when he won both the 1989 Canadian and Australian Grand Prix. In 1990, he took pole position and …

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Monaco Words of Wisdom with Rossano Ferretti

Rossano Ferretti

From Parma to Tokyo, and Paris to Dubai, Rossano Ferretti Salons span the globe, offering the ultimate in luxury. With hands that “could sing a piano”, Rossano single-handedly revolutionized the hairdressing world and created an empire of ‘bespoke beauty’. But don’t think one of the most famous men in fashion and beauty has let success go to his head. This …

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Monaco Words of Wisdom with Sonia Irvine

Sonia Irvine

Known as the woman who throws the best party in the world, Sonia Irvine created and runs Amber Lounge and Amber Summer. Aside from being the ultimate VIP event of Formula 1, the Amber Lounge has a list of celebrities hoping to get a coveted spot in one of the many locations around the world.  But this multimillionaire businesswoman didn’t …

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Monaco Words of Wisdom with Kory Tarpenning

Kory Tarpenning

Kory Tarpenning knows how achieve his goals. The athlete from Oregon, USA, sets his goals high. As an Olympic pole-vaulter, he rocketed into the air and never looked back. After living in Paris for several years with the Olympic team, he and his wife moved to Monaco “for one year” before returning to the States. That was over 20 years …

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