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Daniele Thompson – a Parisian from Monaco

Daniele Thompson

What do the films “A Great Walk /La Grande Vadrouille” with Louis de Funes and the “Boom” which made Sophie Marceau famous have in common? Different epochs, different characters … If you look from the other side of the camera, however, you will understand it all at once. These films would probably not have been that catchy and memorable if …

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Venturi: Electrifying success!

Gildo Pallanca Pastor, Venturi

Did you know that the first publically sold electric sports car was made by Monaco-based Venturi? This ground-breaking automotive manufacturer has a history of firsts, starting with the first electric sports car, the first electric land speed record, and the first Formula-E cars. HelloMonaco is delighted to bring you an exclusive interview with the CEO and owner of Venturi and …

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Peace and Sport Forum: Jorge Casimiro, President of Nike Foundation about Nike’s initiative “Made to Play”

Jorge Casimiro

Jorge Casimiro, who is president of the Nike Foundation and vice president of the Nike Global Community, arrived in Monaco to participate in the 10th Peace and Sport Forum as a speaker. Jorge focused on Nike’s initiative “Made to Play”, which aims to stimulate active development. It is he who brings attention to the fact that active children are more …

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Peace and Sport Forum: Thomas Preiss talks about “Common Goal”

Thomas Preiss

Thomas Preiss is a co-founder of “Common Goal”, a movement that motivates professional footballers to donate at least one percent of their salaries to soccer charities that have the greatest influence around the world. Prior to Common Goal, Thomas was the head of the business development department at street football world, where he led the development of a portfolio of …

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Peace and Sport Forum: Pascal Gentil shared his charitable missions in the role of Champion for Peace

Pascal Gentil

Pascal Gentil, a French athlete born in 1973, is Olympic bronze medallist at the 2000 and 2004 Summer Olympics in taekwondo and a three-time winner of the European Championships. The athlete visited the Peace and Sport forum as Champion for Peace. The curious fact is that Pascal, apart from the incredible successes in sports, successfully performed himself as an actor, …

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