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Best Equestrian Events In Monaco

Want a special tour of the French riviera and experience some equestrian events that include horses? Well, Monaco might be the perfect place for your demands. Monaco and Monte Carlo in particular are full of bling, high-end fashion, superyachts, and beautiful scenery.

Monte Carlo is also considered Europe’s capital for gambling and casinos, which can also spice up your trip.

Even though Monaco isn’t a place to go in order to see high-end horse races, there is plenty of equestrian events that will make your trip exciting, especially if you are a horse lover.

One of the most exciting equestrian events that take place in Monaco is the International show Jumping event which fills the city with excitement, emotion, and drama.

Monaco International Show Jumping Event

This fun International Show Jumping event isn’t something new to the state.

In fact, this equestrian event has a 15-year history in Monaco and it is scheduled for every summer in early July at Port Hercules, which is located at the foot of the Prince’s Palace very near Le Rocher.

What is This Event About?

Well, for those who don’t know, horse riding is more than just a competition. This equestrian event shows the true connection between humans and horses, and it is a beautiful symphony of what humans and horses can do together.

The International Show Jumping Event in Monaco started when Diane Fissore, which is now the president of the event, and Jan Tops – an Olympic champion, came together to make Monaco join the Longines Global Champions Tour.

Ever since the birth of this event, Monaco has become the capital for show jumping as an equestrian sport all around the world. Every year, the best riders try to show their horse-riding skills in the 3-day event at Port Hercules, which transforms into an equestrian stadium.

The transformation of the port is truly incredible. Locals bring tons of equestrian sand and turn the port into stables, where all the teams can take care of their horses and perform at the very best level.

This is without a doubt the only place in the world where you can watch top-level horse riding while being surrounded by the glamour of the most beautiful yachts in the world.

How Does It Work?

This event attracts many famous people from all around the world that want to experience some equestrian magic while they tour the riviera.

Throughout the 3 days, every horse rider gets a chance to prove their skills. The rookie events are scheduled during the day, while the top-tier riders are dominating the stage in the evening.

The event includes 30 of the most talented horse riders from all around the world, as well as those who have received a “wild card” to participate in the Grand Prix du Prince de Monaco.

In other words, this equestrian event is very similar to the big F1 event that takes place in Monaco, but only includes horses instead of cars.

The stage includes narrow tracks, tight corners, and many obstacles that riders need to overcome. So, in order to get as many points as possible on this challenging course, competitors need to be on top of their game and display mastery and their horse-riding skills.

Final Words

There are not many equestrian events in Monaco, but the one they have makes up for all lack of equestrian magic. The entire city transforms into an equestrian headquarters during the event where you can admire the horse next to the training paddock, and visit Village shops that contain many equestrian goodies.

It is a true equestrian escapade where you can enjoy the beauty of Monaco while experiencing some top-level horse riding.

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