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The 25th Magical and Entertaining Historic Monte-Carlo Rally

For Rally enthusiasts and especially those that love classic vintage rally cars this January in 2023 holds something special. It’s the week of the 25th Historic Monte Carlo Rally when these beautiful machines gather in five locations in Europe and head up to 2000 kms to arrive in Monte Carlo. Imagine all the love and care poured on these machines by their passionate mechanics to get them in perfect shape for this the 25th Rally that they wouldn’t miss for the world. 

So you can catch these classic vintage marvels starting in the cities of Oslo (January 24), London (January 25) and Turin, Bad Homburg and Reims (January 26) to reach Monaco on Friday afternoon January 27th. 

17 Regularity Stages

Then the real race starts. It’s a race but not helter skelter in the normal sense of the word. Rather it’s a more graceful “regularity challenge” over 17 stages spanning almost 400 kilometres. 

In regularity races precision counts more than speed

It is not important to be the fastest but the most precise. In fact, during a regularity race, set times are communicated to the driver and navigator to complete the various sections of the route. In addition, it is necessary to maintain a fixed average pace. 

So cast out of your mind four-wheeled racing cars whizzing on the asphalt at full speed. Rather than going at break-neck speed imagine grace and precision with the cars that historically raced in Monte Carlo sliding along the entire course with the regularity of a metronome. 

From Saturday 28th January, the cars will go to the Drôme and more precisely to Valence, the historic stage town of the rally from where the regularity stages will begin. Four stages in total, before heading to the Ardèche. After arriving there, immediately on the next day is the start of four new specials which will bring the competitors back to Valence, the central point of this part of the Rally. Enthusiastic fans and followers will need to wait until Tuesday to see the cars in the Principality again for the night-time specials.

Fabled Stages 

The competitors will have to take on legendary routes in particular between Saint-Sauveur-de-Montagut and Saint-Andéol- de-Vals where the Jouanny family and their celebrated tasty apple pie will be waiting for them. And then another well-anticipated gourmet session during the regulated special between Burzet and Saint-Martial at the market place of Saint-Agrève.

The 8th regulated special will be remarkable. Set between Lamastre and Colombier-le-Jeune it will pass through the Col de Saint-Genest at an altitude of over 700 metres. For this 25th edition a special judge will be at attention at the 11th special between Eygalayes and Verclause.

There the competitors will be challenged by having to traverse three passes with feared peaks, the Saint-Jean (over 1100 metres) Pierre-Vesce (over 1000 metres) and Reychasset (another over 1000 metres). 

The last common stage will pass from Saint-Nazaire-le-Désert to La Motte-Chalancon. Specially for the 25th edition of the Historic Rally the route has been modified with the ascent of the Col de Planlara (again over 1,000 metres) linked to that of Chamauche.

The last day of the race will see the cars still with the chance of winning challenge each other at night between the Col de Braus at the start of the penultimate regulated special and Moulinet, the finish line of the rally.

Salle des Etoiles 

And then some much needed hours of rest for the fun and celebrations to follow. Who will succeed Philippe and Antoine Cornet de Ways Ruart, winners in 2022? Crews will be invited to find out in the traditional gala evening in the Salle des Etoiles to celebrate the 2023 winner of this mythical event.

Information and Dates to Watch 

Opening of entries was on Thursday, September 1, 2022.

Closing of entries: Monday, November 7, 2022.

Confirmation of selected cars: Monday November 14, 2022.

Closing date for team registrations: Monday, November 28, 2022.

Information and Registration:

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