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Where Do Monaco’s Casinos Rank in the World’s Best

When looking to visit some of the best casinos in Europe, Monaco will regularly come out on top.

A tiny European country with a population of just over 36,000 people, Monaco is renowned for its wealth. It is also associated with glitz, glamour and casinos.

Tourism is very important to the Monaco economy. While people visit for events such as:

  • Formula 1 Monaco Gran Prix, every year in May
  • The Rose Ball, annually in March
  • Monaco Yacht Show, hosted in September

Many also come to play games in the plush casinos, of which there are four.

The first casino in Monaco

The royal family of Monaco opened the first casino in December 1856. It was a slow start, with a few bumps in the road, and then it became a huge success.

Princes Caroline had come up with the idea of a casino. A French former actress, Caroline became royalty when she married Prince Florestan Grimaldi.

However, it was their only son, Charles, who realised the dream of building a casino. Of course, his mother had engaged some of the best business minds in Europe to help him.

In 1863, the Casino de Monte-Carlo opened. The building and the surrounding area were named in honour of Charles, having changed from Les Spelugues (the caves).

The pages of its history read like an exciting tale, and its doors are still open today. The casino has appeared in movies and videos including:

  • Never Say Never – James Bond
  • Goldeneye – James Bond
  • Ocean’s Twelve
  • Condorman
  • On a Night Like This – song/video by Kylie Minogue

The earnings from the casino were until recently, the primary source of income for the whole country!

Why Monaco is a good gaming destination?

It is surprising to many that Monaco’s casinos rank among the highest in the world. Even though it is one of the world’s smallest nations, it packs a punch in the casino industry.

For most people, playing casino games hasn’t been accessible to many people. Now, you can become a jackpot king on Virgin Games using just your mobile phone.

When people with a love of gaming travel, they are keen to find the best casino experience. This is a feature that Monaco can guarantee.

Coupled with stunning Riviera scenery, Mediterranean weather and exciting entertainment, it is an unforgettable destination.

Many people associate slots and crap with Las Vegas, whereas in Monte Carlo people are more likely to play:

  • Roulette
  • Blackjack
  • Baccarat

Where Monaco’s casinos rank in the world?

While Monaco isn’t really a casino resort town, such as Macau or Vegas, it still ranks on the top lists. Casino de Monte-Carlo, attached to the exclusive Hotel de Paris, makes no. 14 on Far and Wides’ top casino resorts.

Global Viewpoint puts it in fourth place, while other publications have listed it as number one and number six. It is, without a doubt, one of the most famous casinos on Earth.

The Casino Café de Paris sits just next door and oftens a modern gaming experience. Though it is overshadowed on lists by its slightly older neighbour, it is a favourite among visitors.

Sun Casino is more casual and laidback than Monaco’s other casinos. It appears on family-friendly lists and ranks high for its entertainment, with live DJs appearing regularly.

Finally, Monte Carlo Bay Casino may be the smallest of the bunch, but it is a cosy, friendly place to play slots. Guests rank it well for its onsite facilities including a swimming pool and spa.

The different experiences at each Monaco casino

For history and a sense of occasion, the Casino de Monte-Carlo can’t be beaten. Over 7 million people snap a selfie outside the grand building, which looks straight out of the Belle Epoque.

Casino de Monte-Carlo has a strict door code, so patrons must be:

  • Well-dressed in tuxedos or cocktail dress
  • Display the means to play high stakes tables
  • Respect the rules

Sometimes you may need an invite to enter. Inside, it oozes class and noise is kept to a minimum.

Next door at the Casino Café de Paris, it feels very different. The exteriors may blend well, but inside it is almost futuristic.

The two smoking terraces have over 100 slot machines so it’s a great place to while away some time. Have a drink and soak up the sun between machines.

Other games on offer at Casino Café de Paris are:

  • Punto Blanco
  • Texas Hold’Em
  • Craps

Sun Casino is a place where everyone can come for a game. The dress code isn’t strict, which is a relief for those who hate wearing a suit in the heat.

Live sports are shown throughout the casino on dozens of screens and by night there’s a real party vibe. If you’re not playing poker, roulette or one of 195 slots machines, you might enjoy drinks and dancing.

Monte Carlo Bay Casino doesn’t have any table games; however, it does have affordable minimum bets starting at 10 cents. There is also access to Michelin-star dining throughout the hotel.

Monaco provides easy access to four beautiful casinos in one square, plus the sun, sand and sea on the doorstep. In short, it’s an incredible holiday spot for those who like casinos.

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