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The Oceanographic Museum of Monaco sets sail to a new interactive exploration to increase eco-awareness

Oceanographic Museum of Monaco

Imagine you can plunge yourself in 100 years of history, being part of the crew of a historical vessel which is travelling across seas to the discovery of marine biodiversity. Imagine to try this experience for yourself testing both vintage and advanced amazing technologies. Imagine to interact with key players of the Grimaldi’s Family and to Prince Albert II of …

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The Automobile Club de Monaco (ACM) raises an even greater female interest in Car Racing

Automobile Club de Monaco

The Principality of Monaco has always been closely associated with moto racing and moto vehicle innovations. An ever-lasting passion which soon became one of the major Monegasque driving forces that were to become famous all over the world. Such a tradition could only have been worthily celebrated by creating an iconic exclusive Club originally devoted to two-wheel and then four-wheel …

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Gorgeous Summer Evenings Await You at Monaco’s Unique Open-Air Cinema

Open-Air Cinema

Entertainment in the open-air. On those summer evenings under a starlit sky there is nothing to beat it. Open air concerts have a special ambiance whether in Monaco or in Hollywood. Monaco has something unique though. It has an open-air cinema in the most beautiful and extraordinary setting. If you have not visited there already, go and experience it for …

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Hover and Fly Like Superman Above Monaco’s Larvotto Bay

Water Jet Pack

It is so spectacular that it is a natural for TV commercials, with Superman flying above the sea. Rising from the water as if by magic high in the air is a flying ace with a Jet-Pack spraying water. A thrill to watch, a thrill to do. Leonardo DaVinci might be a little jealous even. He drew flying machines; he …

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A New Water Ski Record on an Anniversary Visit to Monaco and other Monaco news

Water Ski Record

It’s nice and sunny in Monaco. And while you’re enjoying the weekend, we put together the most interesting Monaco news, in case you missed something. A New Water Ski Record on an Amazing Anniversary Visit to Monaco Something in a young man stirred. His grandfather, an Australian sports hero called Harry Luther, had achieved something quite remarkable. Was it the …

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