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12 Facts about the International Cannes Film Festival

70th Cannes Film Festival

«A festival is a neutral territory outside of politics, it is a microcosm representing our world the way it would be if people could communicate with each other without intermediaries and speak the same language». Jean Cocteau The main objective of the Cannes Film Festival has always been attracting public attention to the works of French and international filmmakers, raising …

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Russian Gala in Grimaldi Forum opens artistic borders

Russian Gala

The sixth edition of the Russian Gala capitalizes upon the opening of artistic borders. Together with the brilliant soloists of the Bolshoi and Mikhailovsky theaters, the stars of the English National Ballet, of the Staatsballet Berlin and of other major, world-renowned troupes will perform together on stage. All of these artists who participate in this Gala are united by a …

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Gérard Depardieu Sings Barbara

Gérard Depardieu

After the show “Lily Passion”, with which they toured in 1986, Gérard Depardieu wanted to extend his musical love story with Barbara, who passed away in 1997. To do this, the actor approached the singer’s playfellow for seventeen years: the pianist, orchestra conductor and arranger Gérard Daguerre. The two men met at Barbara’s in Précy-sur-Marne to record fourteen songs created …

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The magic of film in the South of France: A view from the past

French film The Sultane of Love

There is a special charm to silent movies and here we will recount some of that magic from the famous French film The Sultane of Love by drawing from historical articles. Who remembers The Sultane of love (in French: Sultane de l’amour)? This old silent film, evoking the stories of Shéhérazade and the Thousand and One Nights came out in …

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This Season in The Princess Grace Theatre: personal plays and hilarious masterpieces

Momo by Sébastien Thiery,

The Princess Grace Theatre continues its season with no fewer than twelve shows until May. A rich, varied and highly anticipated program. A piece from a Woody Allen film, ‘Husbands and Wives’ (extended for a second date on the 30th of April) kicked off the second part of the season in January. Several more large pieces of theatre are being …

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