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Facts about Monaco

Monaco Grand Prix

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What do you know about Monaco?

HelloMonaco challenges you to check your knowledge about this beautiful country. Do you know Monaco as well as you believe you do? 10 questions and just a few minutes of your time in a fun and entertaining quiz. Invite your friends to compete and to see if you are actually better! And share your results on your social media! Good …

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Unknown facts about Monaco: Tax Haven or Tennis Paradise?

Tennis accessories on the grass

Everyone loves Monaco. Entrepreneurs settle here, attracted by its taxation system. Formula 1 drivers are crazy about the Monaco GP track. Celebrities come here to enjoy the unique atmosphere of the local parties. Apparently, tennis professionals will be next on the list. They literally feel at home on the courts of the Monte Carlo Country Club. And we don’t have …

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Unknown facts about Monaco: The Police of Monaco

Police officers of Monaco on bikes

This week we found more curious facts about the Principality of Monaco. And we bet you didn’t know that… They say Monaco is the safest place in the world. Let’s look at the statistics. The population of Monaco is estimated at 38,000 people, while police force numbers 521. After having made some simple calculations we can make a conclusion that …

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Unknown facts about Monaco: flag of Monaco

Several stands in a row with Monaco flags

In this instalment of our ‘Unknown facts’ series, we give you some little known facts of Monaco’s iconic red and white flag. As the second smallest state in the world (after the Vatican), Monaco has been attracting the rich and the famous for over a century. And it famously played out a living fairy tale when it made a princess …

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