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Top 10 Monaco terraces with a Formula-1 panorama


In this article we will tell you all about the ten best terraces in the Principality with a great view of the Formula 1 races. Today is the start of Formula-1, one of the most significant and symbolic events for Monaco. Thousands of tourists from all over the world come to the Principality to see the legendary race. Many hotels, …

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Historic Grand Prix: its past and present

Historic race car on the track of Monaco

While Formula 1 is a well-known and much anticipated world event, not everybody knows about the Historic Grand Prix of Monaco. This spectacular and exciting competition is held two weeks before the main races and features retro cars older than 25 years of age. The First Historic Grand Prix was organised by the Automobile Club of Monaco in 1997 to …

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Unknown facts about Monaco: Formula 1 Crashes

Unknown facts about Monaco: Formula 1 Crashes

What is Formula 1? Exciting races, breakneck speed, adrenaline and risk. Life-threatening risk. The history of Formula 1 races has seen fifty fatalities, with the first one in 1950. As for the Principality, only one driver was killed during the Monaco Grand Prix. Fatal crash of Monaco Grand Prix Italian racing driver Lorenzo Bandini started his Formula 1 career in …

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Unknown facts about Monaco: Formula 1 Drivers in Monaco

Formula 1 Grand Prix race in Monaco

They can have anything they want. And one can only imagine how much they earn. Though this information is concealed, it makes its way to the pages of the newspapers. Did you know that Monaco has become home to most F1 drivers? If you earn over 20 million dollars, high housing prices will not stop you from living in a …

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Unknown facts about Monaco: Formula 1

Jaguar Racing car with the diamond

The world-famous Monaco Grand Prix of the Formula 1 race circuit has sped through the streets of Monaco for more than 65 years. Here are some curious facts about this legendary race. For starters, before the race starts, all the manhole covers have to be welded down. This is important because the extreme down force created by an F1 car …

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