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The story of Winston Churchill’s Gambling in Monaco

Сэр Уинстон Черчилль

Churchill had known about the casino of Monte Carlo and was in love with it for a long time. He had come here since the beginning of the century, at a time when, as a brilliant writer, he was earning the equivalent of 100.000 pounds a month in today’s money. And later, as a famous Deputy in the UK Government, conferences …

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From Grimaldo to Grimaldi

The statue of Francesco Grimaldi

The Principality of Monaco has more than seven centuries of history. During this time, the ruling dynasty of Grimaldi transformed a small territory between France and Italy into a paradise, today, Monaco is the top destination foe luxury, success and prosperity. To find out where it all started, let’s go back a few centuries ago, to June 1215. That’s when …

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The origins of Russian ballets in Monte-Carlo

Mathylda Kschessinskaya

It was in 1861 after Monaco lost much of its territory, Menton and Roquebrune, that Prince Charles III decided to invest in the fashionable Casino area that would accommodate the European and, in particular, the Russian aristocracy… In 1866, by a Sovereign Ordinance, the plateau of Spélugues became Monte-Carlo. At the time, the cities of the French Riviera were already …

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Treasures from the Archives: “Many Princesses of Monaco were Visitandines”


Olivia Antoni, curator at the Prince’s Palace Archives told about the history of the Visitandines in Monaco. You have researched this subject at length for your book.  How did the Visitandines arrive here in the Principality, and what is their link with the Lycée Albert Premier? The Visitandines arrived in 1663, and they have a long history. What many people …

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History of Monaco: from the ancient times to Prince Albert II

Prince Albert II and Princesse Charlene of Monaco

The earliest references to Monaco appeared in early Ancient times, when ‘the Rock’ and its natural harbour served as a refuge for local tribes and sailors coming from the East. In the 6th century BC, a Ligurian tribe named Monoikos occupied ‘the Rock,’ which is probably the origin of the name “Monaco”. During its history, the place saw Roman and …

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