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Visits of French presidents to Monaco: from François Miterrand to François Hollande

François Miterrand

HelloMonaco continues its series of publications about the visits of the French presidents to the Principality of Monaco. After the visit of Charles de Gaulle in 1960, there was a lull in the visits of the leaders of the French Republic and the cooling of diplomatic relations between the countries. The first to arrive on a state visit was François …

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François and Marie Blanc: on a tricky path to the dream and prosperity


Gambling in Monaco was first authorized by Prince Florestan I. He signed the law legalizing gambling two months before his death, in April 1856. However, it didn’t become official until December of that year with the opening of the first gambling house in the Palais de la Condamine. It therefore had all started more than a century before the official …

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The Military History of Prince Louis II

Prince Albert II at Prince Louis II exhibition

In this article, HelloMonaco will share with you some history pages about the Prince of Monaco Louis II and his military service before he ascended to the throne of the Principality. Prince Louis II and the great war are both part of an exhibition in Jonchery-sur-Vesle, commemorating the centenary of the battle of Chemin des Dames.  Through historical documents, photographs …

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Visits of French presidents to Monaco: from Felix Faure to Charles de Gaulle

Armand Fallières

Albert I and Rainier III knew very well that the principal task in the development of foreign connections was to create formal diplomatic channels, important elements of which were official visits. After gaining its independence in 1861, Monaco began to assert itself as a separate state and demonstrate its geo-significance. As a result, the princedom turned its attention toward laying …

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The story of Winston Churchill’s Gambling in Monaco

Сэр Уинстон Черчилль

Churchill had known about the casino of Monte Carlo and was in love with it for a long time. He had come here since the beginning of the century, at a time when, as a brilliant writer, he was earning the equivalent of 100.000 pounds a month in today’s money. And later, as a famous Deputy in the UK Government, conferences …

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