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Monaco Sculptures: Saint Roman / La Rousse


HelloMonaco continues its series of articles, which illustrate the history and locations of the sculptures of Monaco. If you think that exceptional monuments should nearly always be in plain sight then you would be a little wrong. Sometimes you need to explore in almost-secret niches of the Principality to discover where some of the more outstanding masterpieces are hiding. This …

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Sculptures of the Jardin Exotique of Monaco

When Sculptures Bloom

A series of publications about the sculptures of the Principality found its continuation in the Jardin Exotique. In the shadows of succulent plants and giant palm trees, HelloMonaco discovered a dozen of amazing sculptures belonging to different styles. Each individual architectural “miracle” was created by famous artists from all over the world. In the lush surroundings of the Exotic Garden …

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Top 5 Most Beautiful Gardens


The French Riviera is commonly known as one of the most scenic places in the world. In addition to its incredible mountain lands capes and breathtaking Mediterranean views, it is also home to beautiful gardens. Many of these gardens hide a century-long history in the shade of their perennial trees and flower alleys. We have selected the top 5 most beautiful gardens …

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Where to go in Monaco: The Exotic Garden

Where to go in Monaco: The Exotic Garden (Jardin Exotique)

Located on the border between Monaco and France, the Exotic Garden boasts a fabulous collection of vegetation. Inaugurated in 1933, he Garden brings together a wide range of rare plant species from Africa and Latin America. Monaco’s climate has turned out to be perfect for growing 7,000 plant varieties. Across 1 hectare, you will find vegetation from different countries such …

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Top 5 Gardens of Monaco

Five Gardens of Monaco- one of the gardens of the principality

Amongst the towering buildings, there are plenty of beautiful flowers to be found right in the heart of the city. Monaco’s green spaces are real treasures created and maintained with great care. Each garden has its own character, and we invite you to discover them. Although Monaco is a city of abundance, it lacks in space. With a total area …

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