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The wheels of justice turn in Monaco and fate strikes too

tragic accident

Detectives Capture A Professional Bicycle-Thief in Monaco A plague of bicycle thefts in Monaco amounted to 40 in a year! Monaco detectives and the courts have risen to the challenge. The result – finally intercepted a criminal who would pay for his crime with a jail sentence. The scene, sports store, mid-July last year – a 1000 euro bicycle locked to …

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Monaco Police call for Vigilance

Identity theft

Friday, March 16, 2018. For several weeks, individuals in an organized gang have been attempting to assume the identity of important personalities in the Principality (corporate leaders or other persons with responsibilities) and trying to get in touch with their personal contacts by all means, including by email, SMS or video call, WhatsApp or other apps. Their mode of operation …

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The Wheels of Justice Turn for Offences Committed in Monaco


Young lady on a Night Out in Monaco Hit in the Face by a Drunk Youth The tribunal takes very seriously cases of aggression against women and in this case decided to react with the utmost severity. Five thirty in the morning, and after partying at a night club at the port in Monaco, a 20-year-old Monegasque youth, completely drunk, …

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The Wheels of Justice turn for offenses committed in Monaco

Criminal Digest

Knife Fight Under the Influence of Drugs and Alcohol An unemployed 18-year-old French youth was hauled before the Correctional Tribunal formally for possession of drugs. His lifestyle centred around drug-taking, including smoking cannabis or “pot” or whatever he could buy each and every weekend, including cocaine, and treating himself to an extra hallucinating dose on his birthdays. On March 17th …

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8 Arrests in Connection with Cartier and Harry Winston Robberies

Robberies Cartier Harry Winston

The criminals behind two spectacular robberies in Cannes and Monaco, worth more than 16 million euros, were about to strike again. Police in Nice arrested eight people last Thursday, four of whom were deported from the Grasse public prosecutor’s office yesterday. The gang of robbers was responsible for the spectacular thefts at Harry Winston Jeweler’s in Cannes on the 18th …

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