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Keeping Monaco healthy with Susan Tomassini: Broken Sleep – and how to fix it


It’s a common scenario. You go to bed tired and fall asleep quickly. But around three or four o’clock in the morning you’re wide awake with your ‘busy brain’ in high gear, running through your ‘to do list’ for tomorrow. Worries amplify in the middle of the night. You’ve tried everything you can think of to relax. Hot milk, camomile …

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Keeping Monaco healthy with Susan Tomassini: Bloating – and how to fix it


Abdominal bloating feels bad and looks bad – especially in a swimsuit or skimpy summer outfit. A bout of over-indulgence can result in a tummy that’s stretched, puffy and full of gas, but if these symptoms are more than an occasional annoyance, the root cause needs to be investigated. Top 5 causes As a nutritionist, I know how common and …

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Keeping Monaco healthy with Susan Tomassini: Top 5 Nutritionist recommended drinks


Dehydration is a common risk during the hotter months, so what better time to talk about drinks – healthy ones of course. Here are my top 5: Water You’ve heard it before, but I’ll say it again because many of us don’t drink enough. ALL our body functions depend on having adequate amounts. That means at least a liter and …

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Keeping Monaco healthy with Susan Tomassini: Watercress – the anti-cancer superfood

watercress salad

When was the last time you ate watercress? It seems that eating it daily can significantly reduce the DNA damage caused by free radicals – one of the main causes of degenerative diseases such as cancer. Even adding reasonable amounts to your meals from time to time is associated with additional anti-cancer effects. Leafy greens with attitude Watercress is a …

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Keeping Monaco healthy with Susan Tomassini: Natural solutions for menopause – and progesterone cream

Caution Sign - Menopause Ahead

Many women still think that menopause marks the beginning of a downhill slide. But contrary to what we’ve been led to believe, nature did NOT design us to fall apart or to suffer. Irregular periods, vaginal dryness, hot flashes, night sweats, sleep problems, weight gain and dry skin in the months or years leading up to menopause are just symptoms …

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