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​Equestrian Endurance: Monaco to compete at the World Championships​

Equestrian Endurance Italy

During the CEIYJ, the International Young Rider Race, which is 121 km in length, the young riders of the world’s elite were able to measure up against one other. French riders, former world team champions in Tartas, and riders from Qatar, Bahrain and the Principality of Monaco, represented by Emma Noury, were in attendance. In preparation for the World Championships …

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Martial Arts: Monaco at the Shorinji Kempo World Championships in California

Monaco Shorinji Kempo

Shorinji Kempo is a martial art that is based on self-defense as well as respecting others. It has close to 500 techniques, which one can assemble like lego, and there is only one goal: to never lose. Based on intention and attention, this discipline favors rhythm to speed: with movements which resemble karate, aikido and kung-fu. Shorinji Kempo is all …

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