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FANB will move to a new building in 2019

In February 2019, François d’Assise Nicolas Barré (FANB) will move to a new location. The private Catholic school operating under the state contract will move into a new building between Bellevue street and Rockville avenue. The larger facility will hold up to 750 students and will accommodate both middle and high school sections.

Leaving behind the former technical lyceum of Annunciade, the new 10-story, 30,000 m2 building, will be partly demolished and newly reconstructed. The new location will host a beautiful chapel, a multifunctional auditorium and a schoolyard for group sports.

FANB school relocation
New project of FANB

Organized according to the academic principle, the middle classes will be taught on the lower floors, while high school students will take the upper floors. The two units will be connected by a common cafeteria, where meals will be served in turns, as is done in the college of Charles III.

The more central location of the new building will ensure easier access for parents and students. The construction, estimated at €57.8 million, will begin next October. The city council now needs to decide how to repurpose the municipal buildings belonging to the Principality after the school moves out.
The project of the new FANB site.

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