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Monaco’s New Police Division use 3D Technology

Monaco recently introduced a new police division called the “Events and Environment Preservation Division”. The officers will help ensure peace in public spaces and promises unprecedented cross-functionality between departments, more agents in the field and the use of new technologies. This tenth Police Division will be offering security services during sporting, cultural, associative and institutional events (which are important and occur quite often in Monaco). 

The idea behind the “DEPCV” is the preservation and improvement of the quality of life, which includes noise pollution (like cars with loud exhausts) on public roads and construction sites as well as illegal parking. 

The division will sort out complaints more effectively and efficiently in a shorter amount of time. The division is also currently tackling the spread of Covid-19, by giving out 10% more tickets to those who are not following preventative measures.

Forty two officers will be spread over four entities. The first unit is made up of eleven officers whose mission is to make road traffic more fluid at critical times and fight against all forms of incivility (littering, etc.) in public spaces. The second unit deals with events security. Police in both uniforms and civilian clothes will used during large events (like the Grand Prix). The third unit will be working with the Prosecutor’s Office for the Court. The fourth and final unit will deal with road, maritime and rail transport. A unit of five investigators will be dedicated to helping reduce incidents and accidents.

Police incorporate 3D technology 

In the near future, police in Monaco will be modernizing their crime-prevention tools with an ambitious virtual project. They will be digitizing security services (which are currently paper documents) and using 3D technology. This means that an officer will be able to look at 3D images and videos to better understand ongoing cases and prevent future crimes and accidents from occurring.

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