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The World’s 10 Best Destinations for Casino Tourism

When you visit a different country, there are so many different ways to entertain yourself while you’re there. Some countries are especially good for a certain type of activity or for pursuing a specific interest, so you might transform your holiday into a themed holiday, such as an adventure holiday, a food tourism holiday or a wine tourism holiday. One option is a casino holiday, in which you spend your time visiting the destination’s casinos. Below is a look at the 10 best destinations in the world for casino tourism and how casinos support tourism in these locations. 

Las Vegas, USA

Although the year 2021 was a difficult one for tourism in Las Vegas and for the casinos, who weren’t able to work their usual magic for the Vegas tourist scene, this appears to have been a minor glitch for the gambling and entertainment capital of the world. Tourism bounced back in 2022, up by 37% from the previous year. Game winnings were also higher. In the last few years, the casino scene has had to make some changes to its offering, which, in a city renowned for its entertainments, isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The mix of shows, sports events, concerts and more helps to attract even more tourists to the city and to wider Nevada.

Macao, China

The Chinese city of Macao is another fantastic destination and also the most popular one in China itself with Chinese citizens. The casinos might not have the sports betting lounges that Vegas casinos do, but that doesn’t stop Macao gunning for the American resort city’s crown as the gambling capital of the world. Each year, Macao’s gambling scene attracts millions of tourists. The Cotai Strip boasts a range of casino resorts and mega casinos, all offering a range of games to keep any tourists that enter through their doors enthralled.

Casinos play a crucial part in the local economy, as Macau depends on them heavily for a large part of its government revenues. The country is wrestling with a labor shortage, but casinos draw tourists into the hotels and also trigger the creation of new businesses to meet the different demands of tourists. This year, some big name casinos have been rumored to be pouring billions of dollars of investment into Macao in the form of entertainment, theme parks, trade conventions and exhibition venues to help Macao boost tourism further.

Monte Carlo, Monaco

Monte Carlo, in Monaco, has long been a playground for the affluent. The famous main casino attracts people from all over the world who not only spend money in the lavish casino, but also in luxurious accommodation, on eating out and on leisure activities. This is important because although gambling is a major contributor to Monaco’s economy, tourism makes a significant contribution as well. The more people who flock from the world to try their hand at poker, blackjack, roulette and other games in Monte Carlo’s famous casino, the better for its tourism sector and the wider economy.

New Jersey

New Jersey, especially Atlantic City, might lack some of the glamour Vegas oozes, but it’s very much a pro gambling state and welcomes visitors to its casinos and other attractions with open arms. Atlantic City has seen a real revival of its casinos in recent years, and, whereas some states are still reluctant to legalize or have been slow to legalize it, New Jersey is one of the states that wasted no time in making online casinos legal. Citizens could happily play online casino real money there, safe in the knowledge they won’t fall foul of the law.

Atlantic City is a big generator of revenue in the Garden State. The state’s casinos help to create jobs, especially in hospitality and the hotel industry, to support tourism. The state’s proximity to New York also helps. People may even travel through the state, spend a night at the casino and remain in New Jersey, and then continue their journey the following day to New York (where they are even more casinos if they’re doing casino tourism).

London, England

London, England, is a bucket-list type destination one of those cities that has it all. That includes casinos. Whether visitors are looking to play in high-end casinos or just push a few coins into slots, London caters for the requirement. The city’s casinos draw in the tourists and provide a relaxed and diverse form of entertainment for visitors. Businesses in the area also enjoy a roaring trade because of the heightened footfall they experience thanks to the casinos’ presence nearby. Tourists spend money, too, on visiting local major attractions and, in general, the casinos help to promote cultural exchange between their visitors and locals.

San Jose, Costa Rica

You might be surprised to find San Jose, in Costa Rica, on this list, but you won’t regret visiting. This city is a hidden casino tourism gem and boasts several different locations for gaming. For larger resorts, it’s necessary to head to the south-western coast of Costa Rica, but if you like fewer crowds and queues and a more relaxed style of gaming, the cluster of smaller casinos in San Jose will hit the spot. Costa Rican casinos, in general, are quieter and tend to have soft music playing in the ground, creating a chilled out vibe.

Costa Rica depends on tourism a great deal for its income. The fact that it offers so many casinos is a reflection of casino gaming being a major tourist activity and an option for visitors. Investments in Costa Rica by casinos are always welcome and, since casinos have, for many people, become destinations in their own right, generate a lot of visitors from tourists, whether they’re looking for high-end gaming or something more affordable.


Despite legalized gambling being relatively new in Singapore, the island country and city-state has quickly transformed itself into one of the best gambling destinations in the world. Tourism is one of Singapore’s major industries and the authorities are hoping casinos can bolster it. The casinos pour millions into government coffers and create tens of thousands of jobs. They serve as a high-end form of entertainment, and the fine dining options and other catering options available at the Singapore casinos are another push to attract tourism. You don’t necessarily have to partake in gaming to have a good time at a casino in Singapore or in any other part of the world.

Reno, USA

Casino operators in Reno, in Nevada, understand the immense importance of tourism for the success of a casino, especially of running a successful casino in a tough economic climate. That’s why some casinos have invested heavily not just in the gaming facilities, but also in entertainment facilities and hospitality and hosting facilities. These include hotel rooms and convention facilities to attract not just leisure travelers, but also business travelers. Rather than a casino, they’ve focused on becoming a resort that offers gaming.

Other solutions to help casinos in the area succeed include investing in existing properties, with a focus on providing excellent hospitality, attracting big entertainment acts to the area and increasing the number of events. All of these actions bear the potential to support tourism and keep the Reno casinos in the black.

Sydney, Australia

Australians love a gamble, which has helped to turn Sydney into one of the best casino destinations in the world and casino tourism one of the city’s most popular tourism sectors. A surge of investment by major casinos has transformed Sydney into a gaming hotspot. Visitors who have headed to the city to see the Sydney Opera House can combine their interest in the city’s attractions with their love of casino gaming now. They can explore the busy streets of the Rocks, a historic neighborhood in the city and some say the birthplace of modern Sydney; catch some waves at Bondi Beach; and get some gaming in as the sun goes down.

Chicago, Illinois

Chicago, the Windy City, might not be your first choice as a gambling destination, but casino investment now makes the decision to visit the Illinois city one you won’t regret. A casino that cost more than a billion to build offers a modern casino gaming experience and gives the likes of Vegas a serious run for its money. Initially, not everyone in Chicagoan society was on board with the plans for the casino, but the potential tax revenue and economic development helped to get the proposal over the line.

The casino has helped to turn Chicago into a more well-rounded tourist destination. The city has a lively arts scene. The gastronomic scene is also impressive, as is the architecture, and now the city has a casino that offers entertainment not just for casino gamers, but also for families. In the first half of 2023, hotel revenue in the city hit $1.2 billion, 24% more than the previous year, and set a new city record.

Casinos make a significant contribution to the tourism sector and to the local economies of the locations above and to their wider states and nation. If you don’t fancy any destinations from the list above for your casino tourism, you may wish to try the island of Aruba, out in the Caribbean, or even Paris, in France.

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