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Villa Lamartine: Monaco’s New Hub for Youth and the Mature Alike where People across Generations can Mingle

In the heart of Monte-Carlo, a historic gem is poised to regain its former glory and more. Villa Lamartine, a stately building dating back to 1895, emerging as a vibrant centre of life, culture, and leisure for all generations. This ambitious transformation comes after years of meticulous planning and extensive renovation, making it a focal point for Monegasques, residents, and schoolchildren over the age of 16.

The journey to revitalize Villa Lamartine began over three years ago. Previously owned by the Latil couple, the villa was generously donated to the Monaco Town Hall in the ’90s. After careful refurbishment efforts, this historic building now boasts a spacious 1000m² area filled with opportunities for entertainment and enrichment.

Marie-Christine Zorro, Head of the Municipality’s Senior Services and Social Action, is in the press emphasizing the focus on providing an array of activities for the community. From manual and computer workshops to sports lessons and cozy reading corners, Villa Lamartine has thoughtfully created spaces where residents can come together and enjoy leisure activities.

One of the standout features is the accessibility of these activities at unbeatable prices. The establishment offers various membership options, ensuring that residents of all ages can participate. Youngsters, students, and seniors over 60 can join for just €120 per year, while working individuals can opt for an annual membership priced at €200 or a quarterly plan at €55. Families can benefit from discounted rates, and there’s even a non-renewable monthly subscription for €25.

Villa Lamartine also invites visitors to its restaurant, A Pignata, a beloved institution for many seniors, offering a delightful menu at affordable prices. This inclusive approach extends to organizing themed dinners and various events, making it a hub of social engagement and interaction.

The architectural transformation of Villa Lamartine has been a work of art. Gabriel Viora, the project architect, has ensured that the building retains its 19th-century charm on the outside while undergoing a modern, boutique-hotel-inspired redesign inside. It’s a place where classic elegance meets contemporary comfort, creating an atmosphere that feels both timeless and inviting.

The extensive rehabilitation project, overseen by the Monaco Town Hall’s technical department, includes the addition of an elevator, the installation of photovoltaic panels, and the use of ecological lime plaster for facades. This not only makes Villa Lamartine an architectural marvel but also aligns with sustainability principles in the form of a “Sustainable Mediterranean Building of Monaco” (BD2M).

The revitalization of this historic structure is not limited to its physical transformation. Villa Lamartine aims to become an intergenerational hub, fostering connections between different age groups. It offers spaces designed for relaxation, leisure, and cultural enrichment, covering a diverse range of interests. You can even rent space there for meetings and functions.

On the ground floor and in the basement, visitors can find a restaurant, a cafeteria, a leisure area with billiards and board games, a reading room, and a Snoezelen space for multisensory experiences. The first floor features a multipurpose room, ideal for various physical and festive activities, and a fully modular space that can adapt to different functions. The second floor is dedicated to culture, with rooms for singing, conferences, computer use, and creative workshops.

With such a wide array of offerings, Villa Lamartine aims to be an unmissable place in Monaco — a haven where the community can come together, engage in various activities, and build lasting connections. The grand reopening of Villa Lamartine marks a significant milestone in Monaco’s commitment to providing its residents with spaces that foster enrichment, interaction, and a vibrant sense of community. This historic villa is ready to welcome all generations into its warm embrace immediately this Monday.

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