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Who is the Most Handsome Beau around? Find out all about Mister Monaco

What do you need to do to become crowned as the most handsome man in France with the title Mister France for all to see. You would be fortunate indeed if you qualified first as the most handsome man in Monaco because the title Mister Monaco gives you a guaranteed shot at the title of Mister France in competition with winners of titles from other French regions including Corsica. We mention Corsica because the prior winner of the National title is Corsican. 

The prevailing contestant for Mister Monaco might not have snagged the title had he not spotted the casting call in November which made him eligible to compete. Life is like that. Serendipity took over when by pure luck one evening, the story goes he was on his couch, saw an advertisement for the Mister Monaco casting, and decided: Why not register with the Mister France committee, in partnership with Cast Prod, a casting which gave the chance to participate to become the representative of Monaco in the Mister France national election. 

He read the rules to apply for the Mister Monaco election. Bingo he fit. 

Do you want to represent Monaco in the Mister France election? No problem!

• Are you between 18 and 30 years old?

• Are you of French or Monégasque nationality?

• Are you at least 1.75 metres tall?

• Are you single and do not have children?

All the boxes ticked off including working in Monaco in construction. The contest was open to nationals as well as those who work in Monaco.

He didn’t wait any longer to sign up for the Mister Monaco casting!

It wasn’t a walk in the park; not just a « handsome face » contest. He had to speak in public and discuss the association he represents ….SOS Grand Bleu, which aims to protect the fauna and flora of the Mediterranean, especially species threatened by human activities.

The rest is history. Baptiste Bruni got through casting and then beat out the other qualifiers to win the title Mister Monaco. 

He is the very first Mister Monaco, a title created this year by the President of the Mister Monaco Committee, David Guerrin.

So now he must strut his stuff in the National finals. The national final will take place on February 17, 2024, in Rueil-Malmaison in the Parisian region. If lady luck strikes again and he wins then the world is his oyster. 

A Gateway to Modelling

A gateway to the world of modeling awaits Baptiste Bruni, if successful. The National competition would be a significant leap towards his aspiration of stepping into the modeling industry. He’s reported as being dedicated to this path, training rigorously and maintaining a disciplined lifestyle. The national contest holds immense value for him in this journey. So gearing up preparation typically includes dance sessions, photoshoots and sports activities. It’s an immersive experience offering flavours of the life of a professional model.

The Mister France title holder is guaranteed a contract with a modelling agency. That means extensive travel representing France in a unique way. The title opens doors to various opportunities like becoming the face of a renowned brand or receiving invitations to significant television appearances. Exposure, exposure, exposure! 

Hot Competition

Baptiste will have plenty to contend with. Alexandre Labrouve took a route close by to Monaco registering for Mister France Côte d’Azur …tried the adventure to meet new people, have a new experience, have fun, and challenge himself. Hey presto he won it and now will make sure Baptiste Bruni has his work cut out to beat him to the big prize. 

All About the Reigning Mister France

Since its inception in 1984, the National champion earns the privilege of donning the annual sash of Mister France. Steering the committee presently is François Deixonne. And casting a spotlight on the previous victor … Lisandre Van Muylders is the reigning symbol of male elegance in France and hails from the picturesque town of Porticcio, Corsica. Armed with a degree in Sports Science, he presently thrives as a coach in sports and diving instruction. His ascent to fame commenced as Mister Corsica, eventually clinching victory in the national elections on March 4, 2023.

Go Mister Monaco… go take that 2024 title!

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