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Roca Team (AS Monaco) came out the winner after a tense match with the Sharks (Antibes)

On December 16, in Salle Gastion-Medecin a basketball match took place where the strongest teams competed in a super tense match; Roca Team (AS Monaco) under the coaching of Zvezdan Mitrovic played against Sharks (Antibes) led by Julien Espinosa. The game was part of the seasonal championship 2017-2018 in category PRO A.

Despite the intense struggle, the Monaco Team displayed all their power and emerged from the game as the winner: 84-76 in favor of Roca Team! Following this result and the results of the other teams, on the 13th day of the championship, Monaco comes out on top in the Pro A.

Roca Team


The first ball, launched into the basket was from Aaron Craft. Nevertheless, the first quarter of the game ended at the pause with the result (20-20); the teams were drawing, with the tension only growing.

The second half promised to turn into a real battle. Roca Team reacted well to the challenge and took the initiative, going into a timeout with the result (41-33). Amiral Sy as the captain of the red and whites made several decisive shots, which resulted in the team leading in the second quarter.

Roca Team


The third part of the match was marked by uncertainty, because the Sharks (Antibes) were very close at moments to come out ahead. But the cast of Chris Evans left no doubt about who dominates at “home”. 68-60! Roca Team pulls ahead.

The last and decisive quarter; the spectators are tense. Sergii Gladyr throws the ball into the ring. The result is 75-65. At the last 1’30 ticked down Aaron Kraft makes an epic shot with the ball landing into the basket. 81-73 and Roca Team is the leader. After a few more shots from captain Sy, AS Monaco became the winner.

Roca Team



We shouldn’t forget that the victory and the whole success of the evening was guaranteed both by a full tribune of the fans of these two formidable teams and, of course, by the group of lively cheerleaders of the Roca Team, the Roca Girls, who vigorously encouraged and motivated the players to strive for a well-earned victory!


Roca Team

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