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Made in Monaco

Monaco’s First Orange Liqueur

L’Orangerie Monte-Carlo at the Cafe de Paris

L’Orangerie Monte-Carlo is the first 100% Monegasque liqueur. Made from the bitter oranges that grow alongside our boulevards, this liqueur has an authentic taste that has already delighted many people in the region. Thanks to the work of a young Irish businessman and head of a health-food society who resides in the Principality, an original and authentic liqueur is now …

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An Ode to traditional Monegasque cuisine


It seemed interesting to re-publish an article by Mr. Robert Boisson about Monegasque culinary traditions. This text completes the Committee’s tribute to him in the 2017 calendar on the 30th anniversary of his death. “It seems to me necessary and almost my duty as President of the National Committee of Monegasque Traditions to talk to you for a few moments …

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Made in Monaco: how Lancaster pilot founded world-renowned brand

tan maximiser

Monaco has created some of the most popular products worldwide and is home to some of the best luxury brands. This series will explore the brands that were born and developed in the principality, revealing the ideas behind the brands and how they came to be. It will give you new insight into products that you might use daily and …

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