Pauline Ducruet and the 6th New Generation Circus Awards
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Pauline Ducruet and the 6th New Generation Circus Awards
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Pauline Ducruet and the 6th New Generation Circus Awards

Participants of the New Generation Circus Festival recently found out who was crowned the winners of this 6th edition of the competition.

After Gold, Silver and Bronze Clowns found their winners, this weekend it was the Junior circus stars who became the award recipients. The circus festival continued, with the 6th edition of New Generation, a circus show that recently took place comprised of young artists. These budding stars took on the Fontvieille marquee and they performed for the audience and the jury, which was chaired by Pauline Ducruet, the eldest daughter of Princess Stephanie. About twenty troupes took part in the show. Among them, fans of the Festival were sure to recognize the young Anastasiya Trushina, from the eponymous troupe who received a Golden Clown last January, as well as the elephant trainer Erwin Frankello, Silver Clown from the last festival. There was plenty with which to delight the young audience for whom this New Generation has been highly recommended.

They came from all over the world and they represented twelve different circus disciplines. Everyone was there, under the Fontvieille marquee, the afternoon of February 5th. That was the last day of the 6th New Generation Festival, the Circus Competition for young performers. The show took place in the presence of Pauline Ducruet, President of the jury, Prince Albert II, Princess Stéphanie, Louis Ducruet, Camille Gottlieb and many other famous personalities. On stage, the audience was delighted by jugglers, acrobats, trapeze artists, tightrope walkers, a comedian, as well as sea lions and an elephant.

And the winners are….

  • The Gold Junior was again won by The Acrobatic Troupe of Shanghai (Russian bar)
  • The Silver Junior went to 3 Funky Monkeys (Chinese mat), 3J Juggling, the Walkers Kuznetsov Studio Arena tightrope walkers, AnastasiyaTrushina (acrobat), and Catalina Palma (acrobat).
  • The Bronze Junior was won by Sophia (aerial pole), David Junior (juggler), Kimberly and Holler Zavatta (roller skating duo), and the Trapeze Duo of Kazan

… and many other special prizes were presented!

  • 1st Carrefour Monaco Prize: Sophia
  • 2ndCarrefour Monaco Prize: Baptiste
  • 3rd Carrefour Monaco Prize: Thomas
  • Special price of the National Council: Funambules of the Studio Arena
  • National Education, Youth, and Sports Awards: 3 Funky Monkeys
  • The City of Monaco Prize: Femina Sports Team
  • Nice-Matin Award: 3Funky Monkeys.

Pauline Ducruet, who presided the jury of the Festival, answered a few questions from a journalist of Monaco Matin.

How was this sixth edition of New Generation?

It is a festival that we prepare for well in advance. We were fortunate to have many talented artists. It was a very beautiful show as the level of quality is high. As we ask ourselves every year how it could possibly become better, that seems to me a marker of success. There are Belarusians, Chinese, Monegasques, French, Russians, Italians, and a Chilean. It’s a real melting pot of talent!

6th New Generation Circus Awards
Source: Monaco Matin

How were the acts selected for this weekend?

Every year we attend the circus school show in Russia. We also receive a lot of videos. Word-of-mouth now works for reaching family circuses that send us their new recruits or their young talents.

Six years ago, this Junior festival was a bit of a gamble, but today it seems that many aspiring artists dream of taking part in it, is that right?

It is true that more and more young artists are now asking to participate in this festival. This is the beautiful thing to see in the circus schools that work hard to get here. And we also help artists to develop their acts, so perhaps, one day you’ll see them at the big festival, which presents an award each year to an artist for a future contract at the International Circus Festival of Monte-Carlo.

You currently study fashion at the Parsons School in New York. A few days ago, you wore a coat that you designed for the opening of the Festival. Was that a proud moment for you?

That’s why I work hard at school! Yes, it was nice to be able to wear this coat in public and say that I had designed it myself. I’m starting to have a few sample pieces. It’s a lot of work, and it’s happening slowly, but surely.

Have you ever thought of a brand name to market your creations?

For now I’m focussing on the technical side and learning how to sketch and create clothes. After that, I’ll give some thought to the commercial side of things!

One thing is certain, Pauline Ducruet and the other jury members have made several talented young prize winners very happy this year at the 6th New Generation circus competition.

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