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The Bonsai club in Monaco has been busy at work, not only on their beautiful small trees, but also in showcasing their accomplishments and teaching others about this artform.

Do you know what it takes to grow a bonsai tree? Some meditation, and also patience, patience and more patience! The art of growing small trees in ordinary pots dates back to 200 BC in China. Several centuries later, the Japanese also mastered this technique, brought it to perfection and are now considered the original growers of bonsai.

Nowadays trees are grown in pots all over the world, and virtually every country has its clubs of Japanese art lovers. They will tell you all about the ​​bonsai concept and teach you how to pick the right seeds, pots, tools and more. Monaco also has its Bonsai Club, holding master classes, exhibitions and other events aimed at showing the beauty of mini gardening.

This year turned out to be very eventful for the club. It was visited by a Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Japan in Monaco, who honoured its vice-president Baudoin de Lorgerilo with a special award for outstanding contribution to the development of relations and mutual understanding between Japan and Monaco.

An annual exhibition “Garden club Monaco” was another key event where Bernard Zhavorovich, vice president of Shokhin (Bonsai section responsible for growing trees under 25 cm), was awarded a bronze badge for the creation of a Zen garden. The lover of mini trees received the award from the very hands of Princess Caroline of Hanover.

Bernard Zhavorovich

Bonsai Club members also participated in the “Budo” festival held on the beach of Larvotto in late June. Famous Japanese arts were presented there ̶ martial, origami, calligraphy and, of course, bonsai. The Bonsai club members were happy to show their work to the audience. They say that their numbers have increased since then – once you see a bonsai tree, you absolutely want to grow one yourself. Nothing is impossible

On the 18th of December master classes were offered on Shokhin-Bonsai. They were held at College of Charles III, Auditorium, from 9.30am to 3.30pm. To find out about future classes, additional information is available by phone 06 86 17 44 28

Bonsai masters say it is an art of constant discoveries and creative work that makes people truly happy. All happiness thus begins with bonsai. And the perfect place to start is with the Bonsai Club of Monaco!

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