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Less than an hour from Monaco lies the French town of Mougins, where the sports and entertainment complex  was opened about a year ago. “Salto” is an indoor trampoline park and sports centre that had great success not only among the local population, but also with neighboring French cities. It is fully booked every weekend and to avoid long queues, it is best to book your tickets online.

One would think, why so much excitement? The sports and entertainment complex is spread over 1000 m2 and features 35 trampolines of various sizes and functions. The idea of creating such a center came to France from the United States, where they have been popular for nearly 15 years.

So why are they so popular? Children are ready to jump non-stop on these elastic grids—but it turns out that adults like them too! Not only does it lift your spirits, but it has a number of other advantages. American scientists found out that a 10-minute jump on a trampoline equals an impact of a 30-minute run, while your spine and joints do not experience any excessive load. This activity is a great way to combine pleasure with a healthy lifestyle.

What are your options in Salto complex? The main fun is all about jumping on a trampoline. But you will also find all types of sports equipment there.  To start with, warm up with a family jump before moving on to more challenging activities, such as basketball on a trampoline. It is not that easy to make it to the net on an unsteady surface, but the falls are not that bad either. The entire area is lined with thick padding to soften an less-than-graceful landings.

Another attraction is the foam pit, which is an area to jump free-style into a pit of foam cushions. Jumping down from the springboard takes your breath away!  The “air bag” will let you do all kind of pirouettes in the air.

“The Wall” invites you to disregard the laws of gravity and climb it at a 90 degrees angle.

Adults are offered fitness courses, all traditional exercises—but performed on a trampoline.

In addition, “Salto” holds team games and tournaments. You can play bouncers here, teaming up with or against family and friends! Tournaments are held every Thursday from 8 to 10 pm and require prior booking. A team should have a minimum of 5 participants, with an entrance fee of 80 euros.

There are also rides and games for children aged 3 years old (minimum entrance age). A special area at a special time is equipped for them. The youngest jumpers come together with their parents and do a variety of exercises. Children sessions are held on Wednesdays and Sundays from 10 to 12 am. Out of these hours, guests aged 3 to 15 must be accompanied by parents.

A ‘lifeguard’ is on duty to ensure public health and safety. All areas are designed for both beginners and professionals. However, if you’re not a professional athlete, one and a half hour at a time is quite enough.

Some good jumping will surely get you hungry. You will find a few small cafes that offer snacks and drinks or a full menu. All the cafes are equipped with a wi-fi access.

Why trampolines are so good for children:

-it develops their vestibular system
– enhances muscular and skeletal structure
– develops motor skills
– increases endurance and immunity

Jumping on the trampoline is therefore very beneficial to health. However, you still need to comply to their safety requirements. Hopefully you are not going to perform any acrobatic tricks without special training!

“Salto” Working Hours:

Wednesday  10am to 10pm
Thursday  3pm to 10pm
Friday  3 pm to 10pm
Saturday 10 am to 10pm
Sunday 10 am to 7 pm
During holidays and school holidays, the complex is open every day from 10am to 9pm.


609 avenue de la Roquette
06250 Mougins
Tél. : 04 93 12 16 51


Children (3-7 years): 8 € / hour
Teenagers (8-15 years): 10 € / hour
Students: 10 € / hour
Adults: 12 € / hour
Monthly subscription: 55 € (for adults) / 50 € (for students)
Annual subscription: 550 €

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