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Summer-2017: entertaining children during school holidays in Monaco

In this article, we will offer some ideas for children during the summer holidays; it is part 1 of our series. The school year is almost over. The start date of school holidays in Monaco is 1 July. This means that parents need to decide how to occupy their children over the next two months. Ideally, summer should not be only fun, but also educational for the young ones. We will tell you all about where and how your children will get to have a relaxing holiday in Monaco.

Albert II Entertainment Centre

Albert II Entertainment Centre is the first on our list. It is managed by the Department of Education of Youth and Sports of Monaco for the whole duration of school holidays. The center has the right to accommodate Monaco schoolchildren aged 3 to 12 whose both parents are working.

It is attended daily by 250 school children. Albert II Entertainment Centre is located in a very picturesque and ecologically clean area of ​​La Turbie. It has tennis courts, a basketball court, a handball field, a children’s playground, an amphitheatre, climbing walls – all surrounded by a few hectares of pine forest.

Your child’s holidays can thus be very diverse, with three options there:

– The sports option allows your child to try judo, karate, aikido, fencing, gymnastics, wrestling, roller skating, basketball, handball, squash, rowing, sailing, beach volleyball, archery, tennis, indoor and outdoor climbing. In addition, children can learn to swim, play golf and practice horseback riding.

– The educational program includes classes in fine arts, calligraphy, writing, origami, dancing, as well as a theatre studio, music lessons, etc.

– The cultural program includes a variety of excursions, outdoor activities, guided hiking to the ancient castles in the region, cheese shops, bee keeping farms and many others. Study trips to the Museum of Matisse in Nice, Museum of Minerals in Menton, Sea World Centre in Villefranche-sur-Mer and others.

Albert II Entertainment Centre is located in the municipality of La Turbie where children are daily taken by bus.

Summer holidays last until 8 September. To enroll, you must fill out a form on the center’s website. For August and September, applications will be accepted from 3 to 7 of July.

The cost is 15 euros per day (meals, transport, cultural and entertainment activities included).

The Centre of Princess Stephanie

The youth center of Princess Stephanie opened its doors to children and teenagers aged 8 to 21 on 3 June. The center offers a huge selection of workshops: acrobatics, drumming, yoga, hip-hop, R’n’B, circus and theatre classes, handicrafts, singing, cooking, etc.

The cost varies from 30 to 80 euros, depending on the option chosen. Remarkably, the first lesson is free.


Summer Camp in France

In addition, the centre of Princess Stephanie runs a summer camp in the town of Gruissan. The first one is organized from 30 July to 12 August for teenagers aged 16-17. The young people will live in tents on the Narbonne coast. Kitesurfing, sailing, catamarans, rowing and hiking are all on the itinerary. The cost is 800 euros.

Teens aged from 13 to 15 will have three shifts available over the summer: 2-15 July, 16-29 July, 30 July-12 August. The cost is 690 euros.

Children aged 8 to 12 are offered a summer camp in the town of Tarton, in the Upper Alps of Provence. Dates available: 2-15 July, 16-29 July, 30 July-12 August. The cost is 650 euros.

For more information, please call +377 93 50 75 05 or visit

Pass Sport Culture

The National Education Information Centre of Monaco has prepared an interesting program for Monegasque teenagers. Alongside creative, sports and cultural associations of the Principality, the centre is aspiring to make summer holidays for young people aged 13 to 21 interesting and dynamic. All you need to do is buy a Pass Sport Culture card. What does this subscription include?

Depending on the tastes and desires of your child, this can be:

– Water activities: rowing, kayaking, scuba diving, training in water rescue, water skiing, trips to the water park and swimming.

– Creative activities: drawing comics and manga, sketching clothes, infographics, theater and music classes, singing and playing the guitar. Dancing hip-hop, Zumba, country, practicing martial arts, tennis, badminton, squash, archery and bowling. The children can also try out caving, rugby, rock climbing and fencing.

A monthly subscription costs 48 euros, and for two months – 75 euros. It is only available, however, to residents and schoolchildren of Monaco.

To purchase a subscription, you must fill out a form that you can download here.

For more information, please call +3779898 87 63

Initiation to Football

This year, Monaco football club has shown incredible results. No wonder that so many children are dreaming of going on the pitch and learning how to play football just like their idols Mbappe or Falcao. If your child is a football fan, you can arrange his initiation to the game over the summer holidays at the Monéghetti stadium, between Monaco and Beausoleil.

From 3-28 July, children aged 6 to 13 will be learning techniques of defence, attack, possession of the ball and other football secrets. The internship will be held from 8:00 am to 5:30pm on weekdays. During this time, children will not only play football under the supervision of professional coaches, but also eat delicious meals, relax and return to the world of football once again.

A 1-week internship will cost 240 euros, 2 weeks – 460 euros, 3 weeks – 660 euros, 4 weeks – 840 euros. Signing up and additional information is by phone 066088411.

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