Weekend in Monaco

#hello_monaco weekend: what to do on April 24th and April 25th

No doubt this weekend the spotlight is on the Grand Prix de Monaco Historique. But in case you wonder what else you could do, here are a few suggestions.

12th Grand Prix de Monaco Historique

In 2021 in the authentic and magical setup of the Principality’s track, the 12th Grand Prix de Monaco Historique (on April 23-25) will remain faithful to its commitment by celebrating, among other things, the first win for Ferrari in the Formula 1 World Championship …

The 2020 edition, in line with this goal, was meant to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the creation of the World Formula 1 Championship. However, the Covid-19 pandemic forced ACM to cancel the event. But it has not decimated the current field of amazing vintage F1 cars and 2021 will allow amateurs of the category which represents the pinnacle of motorsport to race for real.

Despite all current sanitary protocols, 170 competitors have entered the event! And every series will have everything in stock to please the passionate as well as the connoisseur fans!

The diversity and richness of the fields will allow to celebrate the greatness of the Ferrari brand, and in particular its very first win in the Formula 1 World Championship, by Argentine’s Froilan Gonzales in 1951 on the Silverstone track.

Choreographical performances "LAC" by Les Ballets de Monte-Carlo
Photo ©Alice Blangero

Choreographical performances “LAC” by Les Ballets de Monte-Carlo welcome you from Friday 23 to Monday 26 April 2021, at 2 pm, in Grimaldi Forum Monaco – Salle des Princes.

Jean-Christophe Maillot reconnects with the torments of a narrative inspired by our childhood fears and nocturnal terrors. Against the background of a family context where hatred of adults outweighs parental benevolence, the choreographer depicts for us a prince who dithers between white and black, good and evil, candour and eroticism. Perhaps our humanity is finally based only on this unsophisticated insatiability which defines us from our first cry: We want it all!

Marginalia Inside the Comics Art Collections

A new exhibition opened recently in Monaco. Presented at the NMNM-Villa Sauber from April 1 to September 5, 2021, the exhibition Marginalia. Inside the Comics Arts Collections is an exploration of comic book art, a young art born at the same time as film and psychoanalysis, and which has frequently opted for marginality over convention, humour over academicism and counter-culture over received ideas.

Following Freud’s traumarbeit (dream-work) model, Marginalia. Inside the Comic Arts Collections invites visitors to discover over 350 works by some of the greatest comic book artists and honours the passion of those who find their work an endless source of fascination.

Marginalia are the small drawings located in the margins of Medieval manuscripts. Often secular, sometimes droll, always fascinating, they form a dialogue with the texts that they illuminate, explain or criticise and can be seen as the origins of comic books, a combination of drawing and writing which blossomed in the 20th century.

Of course there are other events taking place in Monaco. So if you want to learn more about them and exhibitions that are taking place in Monaco these days visit our Calendar.

So have fun and enjoy your weekend!

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