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#hello_monaco weekend: what to do on July 7th and July 8th

Weekend in Monaco is about to begin, so here we put together the most interesting events that you can attend this Saturday and Sunday.

The Gold of the Pharaohs

This week in Monaco strats the major 2018 summer exhibition, where the Grimaldi Forum Monaco revives an Egyptian theme which it had already successfully tackled in 2008 with the exhibition “Queens of Egypt”.


The Gold of the Pharaohs exhibition will bring together more than 150 masterpieces from the Cairo Museum and present a series of prestigious ensembles discovered in the royal and princely tombs of Pharaonic Egypt. Ten years later, the Grimaldi Forum thus regains the expertise of exhibition curator Christiane ZIEGLER, Honorary Director of the Department of Egyptian Antiquities of the Louvre Museum, Publication Director for the Archaeological Mission of the Louvre Museum in Saqqara (Egypt) and President of the Memphis Archaeology Center. Beyond presenting sumptuous ensembles (jewels, vases, bracelets, pendants, goldsmith belts, gold-plated mirrors, necklaces, sarcophagi, funerary masks and gold-plated furniture), illustrated with documents tracing their discovery, the exhibition also looks at the status of these works, which are one of the oldest and most universal forms of artistic expression.

The Original Gypsies – (Ex & Historical Gipsy Kings)


The Gipsy Kings & Chico is a 40-year story. They parted ways, but now they are back to celebrate the 30th anniversary of “Bamboleo”, their mythical global chart-topping hit. And it is a real artistic renewal!

The Original Gypsies – (Ex & Historical Gipsy Kings) will be in concert at Salle des Etoiles on July 7th at the occasion of Fight Aids Monaco!

Alongside producer Tefa (Stromae, Diams, etc.) who, for this project joins forces with Keith Ross (mixer for Pitbull, Shakira, Ricky Martin…) and Zay (pianist and arranger for Jennifer Lopez, Miguel, Marc Anthony…), the Reyes brothers and their friend Chico recorded a new album in Miami, Los Angeles and Paris which revives their music, all the while holding on to the famous “gypsy spirit” which made them so successful. The sounds of this new album switch from salsa rhythms to frenzied rumba airs, a blend of Latino sounds which are an invitation to travel. “La Guapa”, the first extract of the album, sets the tone for this colourful arrangement, with the participation of Latin music prodigy, Rio Santana.

The Gipsy Kings & Chico rekindle the festive spirit in celebrating Latin music with a touch of reggaeton. For their comeback at the Monte-Carlo Sporting Summer Festival, Chico and the gypsy brothers promise a brilliant fiesta, proving that they are still the “Kings of Gypsy”. Price 253,50 € per person excluding drinks.

Organ Festival of Monaco

On Sunday music weekend can be continied by the 13th International Organ Festival with Olivier Vernet, great organ, J.C. Gandillet, choir organ and the “Les Meslanges” ensemble, on the theme of “François Couperin and Prince Antoine 1st,” organised by the Department of Cultural Affairs on Sunday 8 July, at 5 pm Cathédrale de Monaco.

On 8 July, they will commemorate the 350th anniversary of the birth of François Couperin, organist to Louis XIV. Prince Anthony I particularly appreciated his music, and two letters kept in the Palace Archives testify to his great admiration for this exceptional composer. Couperin composed a delightful piece for his daughter – The Princess of Chabeuil, or the Muse of Monaco. This concert recreates a service from the time of Prince Anthony I, with a men’s choir alternating with the great organ.

Tom Wesselmann

In June 2018 the New National Museum of Monaco (NMNM) will exhibit a series of works by Tom Wesselmann The Promise of Happiness at Villa Paloma.

Named The Promise of Happiness, the exhibition will revolve around the career of this pop art singer, highlighting his immense contribution to the taboo subject of sexuality. The exhibition takes its title from Stendhal’s celebrated claim that “Beauty is but the promise of happiness.”

And if you want to learn about other events and exhibitions taking place in Monaco visit our Calendar.

So have fun and enjoy your weekend!

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