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Made in Monaco: Banana Moon or how to swim in Monaco

One of the most successful swimwear brands in major worldwide department stores, including Galeries Lafayette, Printemps and El Corte Ingles, was created right here in Monaco, and is now distributed in over 55 countries in the world: Banana Moon. HelloMonaco continues its series on the brands, inventions and ideas that owe their beginnings to the Principality of Monaco, this time delving into the universe of the family-owned, successful company Banana Moon.

Banana Moon brand history

In 1984, married couple Daniel and Veronique Flachaire, along with Bernard Donati met Nat Maori, a young designer from California. Their multicultural backgrounds inspired them to create a unique beach lifestyle brand and they quickly embarked on a journey to launch Banana Moon. A name that was born out of pure coincidence; as they walked along the Saint-Laurent port they saw two yachts, one called Banana Split and the other Chérie Moon, which they combined to make the brand name we recognise today. They introduced a new business to the Principality, specialising in high-quality, fashionable swimwear for women, and went on to have more than 30 years of success with two major leading brands, Banana Moon and Livia Monte Carlo.

Banana Moon
Photo credit: Banana Moon

Impressively, they quickly became the number one European swimwear leader in EU based department stores, such as La Rinascente in Italy, Globus in Ukraine, and many more. The company now has stores not only in Europe, but also in the Caribbean and the US, reaching a grand turnover of at least 40 million euros, successfully fighting against the ever-growing competition from the Asia selling around 2,5 million swimsuits a year!

Advantages of swimwear by Banana Moon

Contrary to most swimwear lines, the pieces they produce are handcrafted locally, a detail you notice in the quality of the fabric used: ink that respects European regulations, and lycra fibre that lasts 50% more than those found in other swimsuits and which costs 20 euros a metre, justifying their higher prices.

Photo credit: Banana Moon
Photo credit: Banana Moon

The Banana Moon swimsuits are known to stay true to form regardless of chlorine, seawater, PH levels and sunscreen – an aspect that has paid off considering their popularity among shoppers! One of the co-founders Daniel Flachaire credits the brands originality, as the stylists and designers are told to create something that is completely different, not to mimic other products, keeping the brand autonomous and unique.

The company currently employs about 100 people in Monaco and has 2500 square meters of production facilities in the area, as they are committed to work exclusively with European swimwear fabrics and Mediterranean manufacturers. All four stages of creation are made in the Monegasque facility: designing, screen printing, cutting and assembling. The pieces are designed and cut in the Principality with the most innovative machines on the market and therefore takes less than 3 weeks to complete a specific production, ensuring quick delivery time.

Banana Moon
Photo credit: Banana Moon

The brand is a fuse between European know-how, dedication to the highest quality combined with Californian sense of style and creativity. Due to its rapid success, the collection has grown over the years to include beachwear and accessories, as well as three new lines; Banana Moon Intimates (2005) specializing in nightwear and sleepwear, Banana Moon Couture (2006), that brings an innovative touch to the brand pairing up with designers with high fashion backgrounds, and Banana Moon Teens (2012) creating urban and athletic looks inspired by teenagers.

They are constantly researching new ways to improve the line and diversify their products, adding sneakers, bags and even entire ranges of everyday clothes to keep in sync with the new generation and current desires.You will recognize the brand by its colorful prints, trendy cuts and chic look – their primary target are young and trendy ladies that push the limits, have a cool attitude and live life to the fullest.

Their slogan is “life is better at the beach”, encouraging a carefree attitude and a love for life and the beauty that surrounds us.

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