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Céline Dion and Iggy Pop: A Look Ahead to Concerts in 2020

A look ahead at the diverse range of concerts for 2020 in the Principality of Monaco. Céline Dion will be performing at the Place du Casino, Iggy Pop at the Grimaldi Forum, Zazie at the Espace Léo-Ferré… the upcoming year promises to be full of concerts, live music and international stars. Better book your tickets fast, some of the concerts have already sold out!

Céline Dion, Sold Out!

As part of her “Courage World Tour” Celine Dion will be performing at the Place du Casino on 18 July 2020. Announced as the musical event of the year 2020, the Canadian singers world tour has already broken the record for the most expensive concert tickets: up to 1,600 euros each.

Zazie, never before in Monaco, until now!

On 20 April, Zazie will be performing at the Espace Léo-Ferré.  Shes one of the most popular French singers and she has never performed in the Principality.  This concert will be part of her Essenciel Tour, where she will be interweaving new tracks and hits, testifying to a prolific musical career of almost thirty years.

Interview with Jean-René Palacio, SBM Artistic Director
© Monte-Carlo Société des Bains de Mer

Iggy Pop, a 50 year career

On 10 April, Iggy Pop will be performing at the Grimaldi Forum.  His first album, named after his group “The Stooges” was released 50 years ago. Iggy Pop is a reference: precursor of the punk movement and inspirer of the grunge scene.  Because he wants to feel free more than anything else, he offers us “Free” his eighteenth solo album, in which he ventures between rock, jazz and African music with lyrics by Lou Reed or Dylan Thomas. Accompanied by the group formed by Leron Thomas the trumpeter and coordinator of his album, with American guitarist Sarah Lipstate and four French musicians, Iggy Pop will present his new tracks that promise to keep the flame alive!

Catherine Ringer is back at the Opera Garnier

Catherine Ringer will be back on the Opera Garnier Monte-Carlo stage on 4 May 2020 to sing Les Rita Mitsouko.  When Catherine Ringer and Fred Chichin decided to form their musical partnership back in 1979, they chose to perform as Rita Mitsouko: Rita is a nod to Latin-American music (and actress Rita Hayworth), and Mitsouko means mysteriousin Japanese. But, when the audience assumed it was Ringers name, the couple decided to name themselves Les Rita Mitsouko instead.

Although Ringers stage presence and voice are inextricably linked to the duos success, it was Chichins musical knowledge and inventiveness that was to pave the way for them to become the trailblazers theyve become. Influenced by anything and everything, the pair sailed through the years combining humour, gravity, eccentricity and mockery, and became kings of pop music with the release of their Latin Rock anthem, Marcia Baila. Who hasnt ever hummed one of their tunes? Andy, Cest comme ça, Les Histoires dA., Le Petit Train, Y a dla haine”…

Despite the loss of Chichin in 2007, Ringer continues to perform their songs on tour, honouring their hits to this day. 


Tarkan comes to Monaco

With over 30 million records sold throughout the world, Tarkan is without a doubt the best-known Turkish pop star. Dubbed the Prince of the Bosphorus, Tarkan rose to fame in Europe with his hit single Simarik, also known as Kiss Kiss, which topped the charts in the summer of 1998 and sold over a million copies.  Hell be performing Saturday 15 February 2020 at 8:30pm at the Salle des Etoiles.

David Hallyday

While on tour, David Hallyday will stop by the Opera Garnier Monte-Carlo for an exclusive show on 28 May 2020.  David Hallyday has family connections to the Principality and will be evoking the musical memory of his father, Johnny, who also performed at the Salle des Étoiles.

Magma with the Monte-Carlo Orchestra

On 15 & 16 May, the cult group Magma will be performing at the Salle Garnier, accompanied for the very first time by the Monte-Carlo Orchestra.


A look back at the last concert of the year

The Monte-Carlo Philharmonic performed the last concert of the year with Yvan Cassar. His repertoire spans from classical to variety. The concert featured three soloists.  Nathalie Dessay, who abandoned the opera stages for the musical or the comedy altogether. Neïma Naouri, 20, who recently began a solo career although she also performs with her mother.  Hugh Coltman, whose tribute to Nat King Cole won him a Jazz award in 2017.

The concert had three parts: From George Gerswhin to Michel Legrandfollowed by From Franck Sinatra to Barbra Streisandand ending with Christmas Themes.  The evening was a beautiful way to bid farewell to 2019.

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