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Open house at Monaco’s Art School

Monaco’s art school welcomed students and curious visitors inside their walls to present the activities and work carried out in the establishment.

Normally, the art school is reserved for study and creation. Yesterday, the Bosio Pavilion was accessible to everyone. An open house at the arts college on the Rock. Firstly, so that aspiring students could enter and discover the school. Secondly, to allow curious people to attend the workshops and see the artrooms which the establishment has to offer.

“The aim is to show what an art school is, but also to make people understand the work we’re developing with scenography,” explained Mathilde Roman, one of the professors.

Field of possibilities

A student who chooses to train at the Pavilion Bosio opens themselves, from the first year until the fifth, to an entire artistic and supportive network. From drawing to video, to ceramics, photography, costumes and the use of space. In each room yesterday, a few fragments of creations, and works in progress, showed the creative process in motion.

“A great diversity of approaches,” says Mathilde Roman.

From a space for video works to the workshop where a 3D printer is available to create models, the school wanted to unveil its field of possibilities. For those who were convinced by the open house to attend the school, registration at the Bosio Pavilion will take place on the 23rd and 24th of March. And there are only eighteen places available for the first year.

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