Monaco and Mauritius: two paradises for Princess Stefania

It is in Mauritius that Stephanie and her daughter Camille recently spent a few days on a holiday in paradise.

“Mauritius is a bit like my second home, I like to come back because I feel good here,” said the Princess.

For some twenty years now, Stephanie of Monaco has visited Mauritius regularly. It is a small corner of paradise, lost in the Indian Ocean, which she fell in love with at first sight and where she likes to come to recharge her batteries.

Between the Princess and the island, it is a true love story: “When I come here, it is as if there are arms that take me and make me feel that here everything is alright and that I can relax.”

As the interview was taking place, Camille, her 19-year-old daughter, took the opportunity to enjoy go karting under the watchful eye of her mother, who was not tempted to try the sport.

The Princess also went to the Casela World of Adventures, an animal park of which she is a patron.

Princess Stephanie
Princess Stephanie. Source:

Stephanie of Monaco, known for her commitment to animals, is closely following the evolution of the park which she inaugurated a few years ago: “My passion for animals is a love story that was passed down by my father (Rainier de Monaco) who always loved animals. There have always been animals at home. My father opened the zoo which is in Monaco now. Since I was little, I’ve been surrounded by animals.”

She told about the “mini park” she has at home: “I have my own little rescues. I have my elephants that I saved. I have animals that are in transit until they are moved elsewhere. At home, I have tigers at the moment, elephants which are permanent, then I have goats, donkeys, pigs, chickens and much more, I think I prefer to be surrounded by animals than by people unfortunately. I think they, at least, do not cheat.”

The Princess also evoked the affection of Prince Albert for the island: “My brother is also attached to Mauritius. Certainly, he would like to come more often but it is difficult with all his obligations. Every time he comes, though, it’s with great pleasure.”

Before leaving Mauritius, Stephanie wished to send a message to the inhabitants:

“I say thank you to the Mauritians for welcoming me and for giving me so many beautiful years here and still more to come. It is thanks to the Mauritians that I have remained faithful to Mauritius all these years” and she continued by sharing her wish “to come to spend my retirement years in Mauritius and live there indefinitely.”

It is with this warm parting message in her interview that Stephanie of Monaco further highlights her great love for this island and her enduring connection to Mauritius, both its people and its animals.

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