Pauline Ducret, Princess Stephanie’s daughter: “I grew up surrounded by love”

Pauline Ducret, daughter of Princess Stephanie of Monaco, grand-daughter of the global icon Princess Grace of Monaco. At HelloMonaco we are eager to know how she is liking New York about her continuing attachment to Monaco and of course about her family, her mum and dad and her siblings. And we want to know what she plans to do with her life.

Pauline Ducret, now independent and reported loving life in New York after completing her studies in Paris at Marangoni institute and working for six months at Louis Vuitton.

She went to New York to do an internship at Vogue, building her resume further – and then, obviously at ease in her new environment, was accepted at the prestigious Parsons School of Fashion and Design for a long duration stay to study.

Pauline Ducret – always fashionable in her own unique way – carrying well her rocker image in her Perfecto leather jacket, a bit like her mum and dad on occasion. Still immersed in fashion currently, but at its pinnacle at Parsons. What is fashion for Pauline Ducret? What is her thinking about design? Her reported views, in the French press too, include the perspective that fashion is like painting; it is way of expressing in shapes, in designs, in colours. And it enables her personality to shine through. Skin care remains a passion too as she is an ambassador for Beauty Care for Lancaster, Asia, a brand that was born in Monaco and was part of Princess Grace’s world.

Of course, everyone is always fascinated by Princess Grace, her legacy with her daughter Princess Stephanie and how that has been passed down to Pauline Ducret. Pauline’s reported recollections are clear about the values that Princess Grace held dear, respect for others and tolerance and the strong conviction that one is not special just because one is in the public eye. And Pauline Ducret’s reported pride in her housekeeping talents shines through loud and clear as she waxes and wanes about Princess Grace’s teaching her mother Princess Stephanie how to sew, how to cook, how to look after a home – all things now that Pauline does so well in turn.

Pauline Ducret

Being from such a close knit family and showered with love has advantages, but she has always been in a kind of bubble in Monaco.Wanting to get away, wanting independence, a life of her own that she alone steers – this is all there for her now in Downtown New York in the Village. Little shops, favourite restaurants, museums, art galleries, expos, Parsons, even the local papers. It makes for a life, a good life even if away from home. What does she think? The essence of her reported feelings are happiness at this forged independence away from a bubble – the ability to create her own life and identity. She misses home and her family but for now New York and Parsons are the epicentre of a very active life; fitness being a focus, even boxing at a local gym.

And how about being away from family? She used to be inseparable from her sister Camille and brother Louis. Of course, she did study and work in Paris away from home for some months before landing in New York. Pauline Ducret has given interviews about her need to call her mother every day and reports are that this remains an important part of her day and that she makes a special effort to do something special for Camille and Louis on their birthdays. It is also reported that there was a wonderful surprise visit to New York for Pauline’s 21st birthday – a picnic in Central Park with the whole family. They all remain very close. It is a special feature of the family to be cherished. Pauline also inherits special qualities from her father and her life is obviously shaped partly by the values she has inherited from him. Reportedly, because she holds her own so well with her two big brothers Louis and Michael, Daniel Ducret laughingly calls Pauline his third son, much to her amusement.

Pauline Ducret with her father
Pauline Ducret with her father Daniel Ducruet

Very interesting are the reports on Pauline Ducret’s six tattoos of which she is very proud and holds dear; her mother Stephanie escorted her for the first when she was 17 “Remember to always dare” was the inscription on the tattoo – to help her get over her fear when on the high diving board. Each tattoo has a special significance:

– a flower on her wrist for her paternal grandmother Margherite who remained close when her parents divorced and is especially loved for it;

– a needle and thread in her other arm celebrating her move to New York;

– one on the sole of her foot “Made in MC” that reminds her of where she is from.

Pauline Ducret and Princess Stephanie
Pauline Ducret and Princess Stephanie

Pauline Ducret recently presided over the jury for the 6th edition of the New Generation – Circus Festival dedicated to youth under 20. The original Monte Carlo Circus was created by her grandfather Prince Rainier III and then presided over by her mother Princess Stephanie. It is very popular and so this second festival has been created. It takes a lot of organisation. The best acts have to be found. But this gives Pauline a focus and an activity she loves to share with her mother. They travel to Moscow to search out the best circus acts. Just like with music and film people will send in videos of themselves performing. There will always be sponsors who will spot a promising act and will network to promote it to Pauline.

Reports are that the searches that began in February will be completed by July, August time-frame and then we will see the results. HelloMonaco is betting that something very special will be put on for our enjoyment in the Circus specials in 2018. Pauline Ducret has a glint in her eye and a spring in her step!

When interviewed, Pauline Ducret talks of her love for Monaco; it is her nest, her cocoon. It is her home. But now is the time for her to spread her wings and enjoy life as a young woman and perhaps get closer to the day the world wears her fashion.

Photo source: Point de Vue

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