Princely reflections on current events and developments in Monaco

Beliefs of the HSH Prince of Monaco Albert II that he recently shared on these important topics will no doubt give rise to lively discussions in the Principality.

Upcoming elections for the National Council

The Prince reflected on the upcoming elections for the National Council (Conseil National) in February 2018 and noted it is important to understand that Monaco is a constitutional Monarchy and as such has important democratic characteristics just like the U.K and France, but Monaco also has its own unique approach to good governance. He considers the upcoming elections as very important emphasising that electing civic leaders who wish to serve and advise is a critical part of our constitutional process.

Prince Albert II
Prince Albert II

Hello Monaco hopes the campaign contributes to a debate of the highest quality on Monaco’s future and without rancor – a serene debate would be excellent for our community. Serve and advise are more than just words, according to the Prince; they are critical to good governance. Participation in the Conseil National to help pass Monaco’s laws, to work in harmony with the Government – this is the responsibility endowed on those elected. The Princes thoughts were expanded upon and most particularly about putting personal interests aside and working to further benefit of the citizens and residents of the Principality by giving their best advice and not for any egotistical objective.

That egos must be left behind for the betterment of the community. And, then, of course, to let the Government which is the executive under Monaco’s constitution do its job. The Government seeks the best advice and then makes its decisions unfettered. This is Monaco’s system and the results in many ways speak for themselves. The Principality is well served by this approach.

Noise, disturbance and pollution

Prince Albert shared his views about the complaints about noise levels from building works and urges us to think of it from another perspective and look at what has been accomplished with Fontvieille, noting that he lived through the noise of that development and remembers it well. There is no doubt that Monaco has progressed.
So noise unfortunately is a necessary component of development and the progress that we all seek and the Prince is reported as noting that in the next 10 years as many as thirty building sites of importance will all be contributing to Monaco’s future.


The Prince emphasized to the press to spread the word that the Palace takes the problem of noise seriously and has initiated the creation of an Observatory and that Monaco is in engagement with a French association Acoucite which specializes in the attenuation of urban noise. He revealed that a report on noise pollution is expected before the end of the year with recommendations; that these recommendations will be passed on to each of the work-sites so they will be able to do their best in limiting noise pollution.

And on the subject of other types of pollution or disturbances particularly with respect to complaints that the water is noticeably less placid near the site of the massive Anse de Portier project which expands Monaco into the sea.

On this subject the Prince elaborated while sharing his thoughts that a Scientific committee regularly checks both the sea and the marine life all around the vicinity of the project. The importance of their responsibilities was stressed: the work has been stopped on at least 29 separate days so far on the advice of this committee. And the Prince continued to share his wish that everyone be especially prudent throughout the holiday season when most people bathe in the sea. This takes priority and if the work should be paused and the project time extended – so be it, he is reported as saying.

The Grand Prix and property developments in its vicinity

And what did the Prince share about the plans for two major Museums, together with major commercial and residential development, all competing for scarce space near the port and thus encroaching on areas that might otherwise service the Grand Prix: he urges more thought and redesign in the development of the area around the port to accommodate the needs of the support services for the Grand Prix (facilities for TV coverage etc). There are two very important cultural initiatives to be realized: the Centre for Man and the Sea and the Museum of Grimaldi.  And then there are the residential developments to be accommodated too. So building permits will have to incorporate the final decisions on how to balance all these needs.

Prince Albert II
Prince’s Albert II of Monaco (L) poses with German driver Maro Engel during the official presentation of the new Venturi Formula E on September 26, at the Monaco Palace in Monaco. / AFP PHOTO / VALERY HACHE

As to the question of the work being undertaken there by the Caroli group the Prince is reported to agree that there will be a need to make changes to specifications and that given that these building projects require large investments and are technically complicated, changes will require complex negotiations.

Telecabine from Jardin Exotique to the Rock via Fontvieille Commercial Centre

Hello Monaco has already reported on the telecabine project from the Jardin Exotique via Fontvieille to the Rock and how it is designed to reduce traffic flow in the Principality in addition to making mobility around the Principality enjoyable. The Prince reflected on how one million passengers in a year were projected to ride via the Télécabine and that that had the potential for removing 3800 vehicles from Monaco’s roads! That can’t be bad. He also shared that we should not worry about the cabin impacting the Palace square solely for reasons of security – the «Telecabine station» will be in the Jardin Saint Martin.

The Jardins d’Apolline residents who are being displaced due to a problem with their drinking water and infiltration.

Looking after the Monégasque residents who have been inconvenienced and displaced while repairs are made has been our priority, the Prince emphasized. So far we have budgeted 26 million euros for assistance and this may well be exceeded. There are lessons to be learned. There are two important processes underway – a judicial process to determine responsibility which is important in that it will serve as a lesson, expressed Prince Albert hopefully. If checks were not properly carried out on pipes (and/ or on the water table) or if work was badly done or the quality of materials deficient this needs to be highlighted and liability assigned, he emphasized in his interview. And concurrently rules and regulations governing infrastructure and services to residences are being updated and tightened. Any firms engaged in this type of work in the future will find the checks and controls very tight – and so it should be, the Prince opined.

Jardins d’Apolline
Jardins d’Apolline @

The Bouvier-Rybolovlev case

The Prince has confidence that the justice system will deal with the case in a thoroughly professional manner over time. This has been reported in other interviews together with the Prince Albert’s belief in the robustness of the Justice system in Monaco and the confidence he has in the Justice system and the police.

Prince Albert II
Prince Albert II @Palais Princier
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