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18th No Finish Line: another record-breaking race!

On Sunday 19 November, after 194 hours of racing, the 2017 edition of NO FINISH LINE ended in the presence of HSH Prince Albert II.  This year’s numbers were higher than ever:

  • 12,967 runners and walkers (1,078 more than last year).
  • 436,963 kilometres traveled, 37,000 km more than the 400,000 km target and over 44,447 km more than last year.
  • 436,963 Euros will be donated to projects for sick and underprivileged children (1km = 1 euro). Over 3.5 million euros have been raised since the beginning of the NFL.

The success of the event is due to hard-working participants, volunteers and support from gracious sponsors.

No Finish Line 2017
Prince Albert II at No Finish Line 2017

NO FINISH LINE is a charitable cosmopolitan race, a friendly meeting place, a great vehicle for mobilizing the many competing teams (367 this year) and a personal challenge for athletic individuals.

The Prince’s Cup was awarded to Fausto Parigi (Italy) for 1,026 km traveled. He exceeded the 1,000 km mark on Sunday at 4am. He is the 5th participant to have surpassed 1,000 km since the creation of No Finish Line. He is also the 2nd non-French runner to have won the race in 18 years. But the big NFL record is still 1,041 km (2012) and is yet to be beaten!

No Finish Line 2017

2nd place: Didier Sessegolo with 1,000 km (last year’s winner).

3rd place: Robert Miorin with 924 km.

The first place woman and 8th overall: Mimi Chevillon with 794 km (winner in 2015 and 2016).

2nd place: Sonia Lutterotti with 683 km.

3rd place: Pascale Pasquier with 658 km.

The first place team is MI with 14,797 km. 2nd place team is Barclays Monaco and Fight Aids with 13,452 km and the 3rd place is JB Pastor et Fils with 11,560 km.

NO FINISH LINE is an approved 24 h race reserved for experienced athletes.  It is on the official calendar of the French Athletics Federation and the Monegasque Athletics Federation from Saturday 18/11 9:00 to Sunday 19/11 9:00.  Both associations registered new records from this year’s 166 registered participants (100 individual and 11 relay teams of 6):

  • Individual men’s: 1st place is Amine Youness (Morocco) with 202 km; 2nd place is Philippe Pastor with 192 km and 3rd place is Roberto Dagati with 187 km.
  • Individual women’s: 1st place is Emilia Rais (Switzerland) with 187 km; 2nd place is Sandra Brown with 181 km; 3rd place is Maddalena Lanzilotti with 174 km.
  • Relay teams: Barclays in 1st place with 332 km; Wee Jog in 2nd place with 321 km and Vinci in 3rd with 298 km.
No Finish Line 2017

2016 comparison

13,297 registered and 11,889 participants

392,516 km traveled

Prince’s Cup: 944 km Didier Sessegolo

1st place woman’s: 819 km Mimi Chevillon

1st place team: Sancta Devota Foundation with 13,903 km

Over 24 h: men’s 223 km – women’s 180 km – winning relay team: Monaco firefighters with 323 km.

Next year’s No Finish Line will take place in November 2018 in Fontvieille and will surely be another record-breaking race!

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