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41st International Circus Festival of Monte-Carlo. There’s no circus without animals!

41st International Circus Festival of Monte-Carlo From the 19th to the 29th January 2017

The 41st Circus Festival of Monte-Carlo will give a special place to animals by inviting two great families: the Zapachny family from Russia and the Frank-Kröplin family from Germany, two teams of professionals who closely observe the strict conditions required by the Festival for the presentation of animals in the big top and for their care outside of the ring. Very early on, the Founder of the Festival, Prince Rainier III, asked that the bond and tenderness that exists between the trainers and their animals be highlighted, as well as the respect for good conditions out of the ring. Abiding by these rules, and mindful of the constant wellbeing of their animals, these two legendary families will perform in the Fontvieille ring:

Askold and Edgar Zapachny, directors of the great Moscow State Circus and representing the 3rd generation of a circus dynasty, are both worthy Artistes as well as Artistes of the Russian people. Award-winners at many festivals and true stars in their own country, they often appear on television. The audience at the festival will be delighted as the Zapachny brothers will present their fabulous mixed big cats act with 14 tigers and lions for the first time outside Russia.

Erwin Frankello from the Frank dynasty will present two acts with elephants and sea lions. The elephants listen closely to their trainer in a very gentle yet incredibly modern act. The South American sealions will leave the audience with a wonderful memory as they are so mischievous and unpredictable. Both of these acts are characterised by a powerful dialogue between the trainer and his pupils: string bonding, tenderness and play are at the heart of these acts that are based on respect. An example for us all! Discover the rest of the programme in our future press releases …

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