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42nd International Circus Festival of Monte-Carlo: Great Art in the Fontvieille ring

In 2018, modern circus will celebrate its 250th anniversary and the Organising Committee of the International Circus Festival of Monte-Carlo, under the presidency of H.S.H Princess Stéphanie, want to put on a show befitting of this celebration.

For this 42nd edition, China, one of the birthplaces of the arts of the ring, will be represented by some truly astonishing acts:

– Huang Yang, a slack-wire walker, is a young prodigy who manages particularly difficult tricks in a discipline that is rather hard to master: she walks on her hands, swings, does a handstand on the rungs of a ladder balancing on the wire … and she even manages to travel along it, upside down, balancing on a unicycle! This is traditionally a man’s discipline and a woman has never achieved such feats before.

– The Acrobatic Troupe of Shanghai, one of the largest circusorganisations in China, will come to the Fontvieille big top with two big surprises:

*  A Russian bar act, during which one of the acrobats manages 3 consecutive triple somersaults as well as a series of double and triple pirouettes, all performed with flawless style;

* An acrobatic ballet of human pyramids with artistes at the top of them, balancing on one arm horizontally and even doing the splits!

Animals won’t be left out of this 42nd edition as the audience will be able to discover a trained dogs act from Russia. It is a tribute to the circus anniversary because in 1768 Philip Astley, the creator of modern circus, was already presenting a dog act in London.

–  Evgeniy Komiarenko, a former student at the famous Moscow Circus School, will lead a group of white poodles, all perfectly groomed. Evgeniy Komisarenko is a true believer in modern training, using gentle techniques and creating a deep bond with his dogs. During the act they play freely in the ring.

30 acts will be presented in the 42nd edition of the International Circus Festival of Monte-Carlo, along with plenty of surprises to help celebrate the 250th anniversary of modern circus. Find out more soon!


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