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A 16-storey building in Grimaldi Street in Place of the Trinanon Villa

A 16-storey building planned for Grimaldi Street.

The city council voted for the demolition of Villa Trianon at 45-45b, Grimaldi street to make room for a larger construction project, adding another sky scraper and a more modern look to Grimaldi Street.

The 16-storey building managed by SCI “Tirana” with Eric Segone and designed by an architect F. Jenine, will give 3 floors to the bank Société Marseillaise de Crédit. The remaining 13 floors will serve as living quarters. All in all, 71 apartments, 50 basements storage units and 158 parking spaces will be constructed. The finished building will also feature two swimming pools on top of the building.

Estimated at 60 million Euros, the project will take 36 to 40 months to build, with about 3 months for the demolition of the old building.

Villa Trianon at 45-45b, Grimaldi street
Villa Trianon at 45-45b, Grimaldi street

The architect describes his project as follows: “The future building will be more up-to-date and fit into the architectural design of the street and the Principality.”

A white and a blue-gray stone façade is planned for the construction. The new building will also have wide balconies that “will give lightness and wings to this cumbersome construction. Its rounded shape also fits better into the street’s architecture.”

Jean-Marc Deoriti-Castellina, member of the municipal council, is unhappy with such a bold architectural solution. At a meeting on 13 September, he made his objection clear: “I am totally dissatisfied with the upcoming project. Too many innovations for this street. I would prefer its architecture to remain more traditional.”

The mayor, George Marsan, noded in agreement: “It is true that the project is too ‘modern’.”

However, the architects claim that technically this style will suit the ensemble of the street and the majority of the council members voted “yes” for the new project.

Photo from L’architecture monégasque.

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