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A Frightening Start to the Year: A Fire & Dramatic Night Unfolds in Monaco

In the heart of Monaco, chaos unfolded last Friday evening at the Auteuil Residence, nestled along Boulevard du Ténao. The tranquil setting was abruptly disrupted as a fire erupted in a studio, prompting a swift response from over 20 Monaco firefighters and their fleet of at least five vehicles.

As the clock struck 8 pm, the resilient residents took matters into their own hands, deploying fire extinguishers to quell the flames that had ignited in a studio on level -2 of the residence. Their efforts paved the way for the Monégasque firemen to finalize the operation, who then expertly took care of the situation with a single hose.

The apartment, bearing the scars of the fire’s fury, suffered substantial damage, creating a scene that demanded the attention of the Public Security Department. Two crews, one from GPSI and another comprising operational units in uniform, swiftly intervened to ensure the safety of neighbouring residents, navigating through the thick smoke that still lingered in the air.

Amidst the chaos, four victims emerged from the ordeal. One individual, with a hand burn, was given treatment at Princess Grace Hospital, while three others, though slightly affected by toxic fumes, were deemed stable and required no hospitalization.

In the aftermath, an investigation points fingers at the possible likely cause —the fall of a halogen lamp onto the occupant’s bed.

A frightening incident out of nowhere that, on this fateful night, sparked an unforeseen series of events at the Auteuil Residence in Monaco.

There are no serious casualties reported, thank goodness.

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