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A new life for the Palm Beach Casino giants

Game tables, chandeliers, chairs, paintings, sculptures…

Nearly 600 lots will be sold at the Palm Beach casino auction on the 3rd and 4th of June. But for the famous giant statues who enthroned in the hall of the casino, they will all be receiving a make-over before the sale. They are currently in the hands of ten artists, carefully chosen by Jean-Pierre Speidel, artistic director of Palm Beach. Among the artists are: the inescapable Ben, the talented and innovative Patrick Moya, Jennifer Des, Richard Orlinski, Geraldine Morin and Erik Salin. The giants were not exceptional pieces until now. They have risen to the top of the bill.

“People will talk about them, I guarantee it! Especially since we have welcomed reputed artists and provocateurs,” says the artistic director.

Cinema and games of chance

The Casino of Cannes chose the themes ‘cinema and games of chance’ to customize its 3.55m statues.

“We could not sell the giants as they were. They needed an innovative idea that would really make someone want to buy them. I told Ben about it. He was immediately onboard,” says Jean Pierre Speidel.

An exhibition is a way for the Palm Beach to display its memories. And what better dream for its giants than to exhibit their new looks at the 70th International Film Festival? An artistic exhibition in Palm Beach open to all, which promises to be rich in colors and surprises! Something that will surely entice future purchasers…

Artists at work

A beautiful group of great artists called for this project, who have (almost) all accepted without hesitation.

“J.-P.Speidel came to see me at an exhibition, and saw my works on Charlie Chaplin. I think that’s why he asked me to come and work on the project. I accepted without hesitation,” said G. Morin. He chose to customize his giant using the theme ‘modern times’. “And it’s great to work on a project that diverts us from what we usually do,” said Salin. Jennifer Des, known for her photographs, is happy to “get out of her small comfort zone.” Indeed, for a photographer who works behind a lens, swapping her camera for paint bombs is a big change! For Patrick Moya, the answer was just as quick. As for his giant: ‘some Moya par excellence!’ As usual, his piece will be very busy, filled with his emblematic characters, like the cute Dolly sheep. With robotic keys reminiscent of slot machines.

Pick up your paint brushes!

The giants are not the only ones who have received special treatment. Some 150 artists from here and other cities have already mobilized to give a touch of modernity to the remains of the objects sold at auction. Even the old tables dating from the opening of the casino in 1929 are receiving brush strokes!

“I’m getting requests from artists by the tens, it’s great. We even asked a jury to come and help us in the choice of artists and amateurs,” explains J.-P. Speidel.

And the work is far from over. It has become a wonderful opportunity for the most creative people from Cannes and Côte d’Azur to come to customize one of the charismatic objects of Palm Beach. And why not? Their works will be acquired by art lovers. Craftsmen, hobbyists, or those with a simple desire to restore color to lifeless objects, all artists are welcome to bring their stone to the building.

A quote

“We live together, and we work on this giant together, it’s really great! We’re never apart. In the morning when we get up, we talk about the giant (laughs).”

Géraldine Morin and Erik Salin, the artistic couple.

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