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A Thrilling New View of the Formula 1 Grand Prix for a Fortunate 400 Fans

A new spectacle is set to unfold in the sea within view of the streets of Monaco. The landscape of Port Hercules is transforming in sight where Formula 1 racing cars brake, accelerate and overtake. 

Rising from the sea, the Monaco Ports Operating Company (SEPM) is orchestrating the erection of a floating grandstand, poised at the port chicane, a strategic vantage point for the forthcoming F1 Grand Prix. With 400 seats adorning its decks, this grandstand promises an unobstructed view of the Louis-II tunnel exit, a hotspot for adrenaline-pumping overtaking maneuvers.

Exclusive Views of the Louis II Tunnel Exit

Exclusivity reigns. Access to the grandstand is a privilege reserved for SEPM clients and their guests. Only those whose vessels are already authorized in the waters of Monaco, or in the Port of Cala del Forte in Italy or an authorized SEPM client near Cap-d’Ail, have the opportunity to hold a key to enter the grandstand. 

What price for such luxury? The cost of entry ranges from 4,800 to 5,400 euros, depending on the mooring locale …a sum within the range of affordability for the elite who seek not just a view, but an experience. And what an experience it shall be!

A View with a Bundle of Additional Services

Beyond the thrill of Formula 1 cars thundering past, pass holders will be treated to an assortment of added benefits – from beverages to snacks, lunch at the yacht club, and televised broadcasts to savour every moment of the racing spectacle.

To create the structure of the facade there is expert engineering. The grandstand is a floating pontoon spanning 600 square metres. No mere prefab structure, it will be anchored not to the seabed but its structure of floating caissons will be secured with metal rails tethered to the quay.

As race day approaches, SEPM has the task of orchestrating this venture. Floating pontoons will pave the way for seamless access, tender or a shuttle like Monaco One ferrying patrons to the grandstand. Impeccability is the mantra, success the only option, for this grandstand is not just a temporary addition… it has a future. 

This year there is a trio of Grand Prix events – electric, historic, and Formula 1. The new pontoon grandstand is planned to be ready for the Formula 1 race where a thrilling view awaits the fortunate ticket-holders with passes to this new grandstand.

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