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A World First Returns, Dance Your Heart Out: F(ê)aites de la danse! Everyone has the opportunity to dance

It could be called the “Monaco Grand Prix de la Dance” so popular was its first edition. But then that just conjures up the image of world class dancers. But this dance Festival on July 8th at Place du Casino is that and so much more and its uniqueness is that the real stars are You. Yes it’s all those who participate – and for free – who are the stars. You practice dance as the spelling of the title reminds us: F(ê)aites de la danse

Any artistic form, whatever it is, has interest when it is made with passion spiced with quality. The most subdued, the craziest, whatever: ballroom dancing, country, tango, jazz, tap dancing, African dance, Tahitian , hip hop or boogie-woogie…

That’s the message of the program for the second edition.

“Give everyone the opportunity to dance”

Place du Casino, Saturday July 8th from 6 p.m. to early morning. With an extension for the most courageous on Sunday until noon. 

Inspiration will be on hand by the 250 artists expected in Monte-Carlo… all at the service of the public present. The goal is for everyone to dance, offering a comfortable, reassuring, pleasant setting so that anyone, whoever they may be, can relate to their body and to the possibility to dance. The only objective is to provoke, through the artists invited, the desire to do like them, Jean-Christophe Maillot reminds us. 

Invited artists and you will be in very close proximity, people will be next to each other, not in the dimension of the artist on stage who dominates and imposes his vision of things.

Come in large numbers, it’s free! 

Warm Up Well

The evening will therefore start at 6 p.m. with a giant bar (an exercise bar… the cocktail bar comes later!). You the dancers need to awaken your bodies. Several thousand people will be able to get their legs together in the open air, Place du Casino, to start the evening to piano music. 

“The fire from 7 p.m.”

The first artist expected on stage will be Goran Bregovic, unequalled at inspiring an audience.

And expect vibrant performances of flamenco by the Vivancos, the urban dances of Hervé Koubi’s troupe…the pas de deux, in pole dance, envisioned by Marion Crampe & Santeri.

Parallel Dance Marathan 

Inside the Salle Garnier, a small group will have been gyrating already hours ahead. There will be thirty couples engaged in a dance marathon, from noon and for twelve hours.

A cover of Core Meu

At midnight, Ballets de Monte-Carlo will take over the central stage, dancing the most festive and joyful piece of their repertoire, Core Meu… a ballet to the sound of Antonio Castrignano’s head-spinning tarantella. And the public will be able to enter the dance, in the footsteps of the artists for a flash-closing of the ballet.

The crowd will then be able to take over the Place du Casino, transformed into a huge dancefloor set afire with hits by DJ Agathe Mougin until two in the morning. 

The focus of the spirited evening will then shift to the terraces of the Casino, where the party can be extended thanks to 3,000 headphones connected to dance quietly until the early morning.


Sunrise ignites a great yoga session, opening a moment of detox and relaxation. 

Opportunity for a brunch and yet more dancing – Cuban style if you like – until noon and a welcoming bed.

Société des Bains de Mer is hosting this Dance Festival in its heart, the Place du Casino. It’s a first for the president-delegate, Stéphane Valeri. 

Installation from July 1

Prep starts from July 1st for the most beautiful open-air dancefloor in the world. The Salle Garnier, the Atrium, the Salle Empire and the American Bar will also be used to host festive moments.

SBM will also be in charge of feeding and quenching thirst… a mega challenge if more than 10,000 people arrive. 

The buffet will be held on the terraces of the Casino under the leadership of chef Philippe Joannès and will be the only paid area of this great party, otherwise free.

Imagine 30,000 items to prepare: wraps, salads, croque-monsieur, socca, pissaladière, burgers, hot dogs, ice creams “with SBM quality and prices not exceeding 8 euros”.

For a drink: 7 euros a glass.

Just over 60 days to get in shape and strut your stuff! 

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