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The Gala of the Monegasque Association for Latin America is getting closer

AMLA is back on track with its activities! After our successful first “Latin American Gastronomic Masterclass and Lunch” last Tuesday May 11th, in collaboration with the Lycee Technique et Hoteliere de Monaco, by celebrity Peruvian Chef Lourdes Pluvinage, under the presence of your serene highness Prince Albert II of Monaco and multiple sports personalities, we are happy to invite you to our next event: OUR STORY OF CONSCIOUSNESS, CONNECTION & BALANCE.

Consciousness, connection and balance is all it takes – Let AMLA show you how! Live Latin music and tribal ancestral shows, interactive talks by experts in the fields of science, mind, body and soul, nature sounds and decoration as well Latin America flavors and colors.



  • Short film (7min), produced by AMLA, our earth is speaking to us from within: “I am talking to you, listen to me; I am here, look at me even if you cant see me yet” – open your eyes, I cant do this for you!
  • Interactive presentations by our experts in the fields of scientific research by FondaMental Fondation Suisse; Shamanism and body  activation by Sabah Ramani; discover the concepts of Energy Transformation and the Law of Attraction by Dame Marie Diamond; experience the universal language, MUSIC by Olivier Covo and learn how Virtual Reality is applied to treating compulsive behavior by Katerina Schilter – for more information, contacts, links and literature pls send us an email to
  • Tribal and modern dance shows representing the four elements: water, air, fire and earth.
  • Latin American Life band and taxi dancers to get you shaking and dancing.
  • Charity auction of unique experiences and positive art including life painting reproducing the beautiful energy we will create at the event.
  • Latin American menu.

Charitable donations will go to The David de Rothschild FondaMental Fondation Suisse, who applies multidisciplinary studies and comprehensive solutions to treatment and diagnosis of mental conditions such as anxiety, depression, stress and compulsive repetitive behavior.

The Monaco Association for Latin America creates fundraising events, that communicate the necessity of unity, wisdom and proactive engagement, and are representative of Latin American Society and Culture, as of our traditions, literature, art, gastronomy, music and dance.

We support children with access to traditional, professional and holistic education.

AMLA sustains that collective learning is an essential part of education.

We need to learn to put ourselves in someone else’s shoes only so can we experience each other’s unique perception of life as if it where our own and expand our horizons trough collective learning.

My CAUSE is someone else’s REACTION and my REACTION is someone else’s CAUSE and so are we all connected and responsible for a whole. We are interconnected with each other and with our planet and share a common origin.

We can choose any moment over and over to resist immediate reaction, to pause, to reflect and chose to act consciously and so break a CAUSE and REACTION chain and start a new one.

Let’s together stop interconnected structures of CAUSE and REACTION, resulting in collective unconscious destructive behavior towards humanity and our planet!

Let’s chose today to think positive becoming the best versions of us feeling and acting positive!

Let’s join forces, your contribution is unique and essential.

Together we can make positive energy transformation happen!

Practical information

AMLA’s STORY OF CONSCIOUSNESS, CONNECTION & BALANCE – Shows, Live Music and charity Annual Gala
Yacht Club de Monaco, Saturday June 12th at 8 pm
Price: EUR 5’000 per table and 500 per person
Dress code: glamorous and festive

Visit our website and follow us on Instagram @amla_monaco and Facebook @AMLA-Monaco and thank you in advance and again for your valuable donations.

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