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Andy Warhol part of Post-War Masters Exhibition at Ribolzi Gallery

Monaco’s Ribolzi Gallery is currently hosting a Post-War Masters exhibition, which gathers works of art and rare pieces dating from the post-war period created by a dozen famous artists.

Adriano Ribolzi, owner of the Ribolzi Gallery and his team assembled a group of the most important artists from the Post-War epoque, an art period which has recently regained popularity.  The exhibition showcases mostly Italian artists as well as a few foreign artists who created work with the same themes as the Italian artists did at the time.

Andy Warhol, Ribolzi Gallery
Andy Warhol, Ribolzi

Pieces by Andy Warhol hang on the walls, although he wasn’t Italian, he worked in Italy a lot and was part of the movement of people who broke the art codes and created new ways of expressing themselves.

The pieces are very diverse, there are multi-disciplinary pieces, sculpture and ceramic pieces by the artists included in the exhibition. Not only are the most important names from the period assembled in the exhibition, but the rarest pieces from these well-known artists are also included.

Adriano Ribolzi, owner of Gallery Ribolzi
Adriano Ribolzi, owner of Gallery Ribolzi@

The rare and surprising pieces are perhaps one of the most alluring things about the exhibition.  For example, the exhibition displays rare ceramic pieces by Lucio Fontana, who is very well known for his canvases.  And there are also very rare ceramic pieces by Fausto Melotti who is renowned for his hand-made sculptures.

Post-War Art Exhibition Ribolzi Gallery

The Ribolzi gallery is known for its spirit of research, discovery, intellectual curiosity and a constant need for new challenges.  The gallery worked hard at gathering the best pieces possible and Adriano Ribolzi said the exhibition took a lot of time to assemble.  He believes it is a momentous exhibition with a lot of historical interest.

Ribolzi Gallery3 Avenue de lHermitage, 98000 Monaco

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