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‘Archipel des passions’ Book Presentation with Charlotte Casiraghi and Robert Maggiori

Charlotte Casiraghi, President of the Monaco Philosophical Meetings, and Robert Maggiori, philosopher and founding member, presented their book ‘Archipelago of the passions’ on last week at the Princess Grace Theatre.

Published by Éditions du Seuil on 1 March 2018, the treatise about passions, written by both authors, is the result of many conversations between the former student and her teacher, who became friends over time. It is built around forty entries, including: Love, Cruelty, Patience, Modesty, Disgust, Adoration, Admiration, Arrogance, Mercy, Fraternity, Sweetness, Boredom, Sadness, Jealousy, etc. “Everyone can pick up the book and find themselves through all the chapters, the list of emotions is long and other entries could have been added.  In this sense, there is no end, the rest remains open,” said Charlotte Casiraghi.

Charlotte Casiraghi and Robert Maggiori
Charlotte Casiraghi and Robert Maggiori

Robert Maggiori insisted on the very personal aspect of the book: “no text has been written without us being fully involved in terms of both affect and reflection.”

Together, they believe that ‘Archipel des passions’ is accessible to everyone because “no one can say that they are foreign to philosophy, it does not provide advice but it helps to understand oneself.”

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