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Are Cable Cars in Monaco a Good Idea?

Cable cars may one day cross the Principality in only a few minutes. Or they may not. The project has caused a stir in the town hall. The proposed cable cars would begin in the Exotic Gardens and extend to the Principality via Fontvieille. The project has been announced by the government several times, but it has recently been met with a great deal of opposition.

During the communal council, elected officials demonstrated their disdain for the government’s project and its lack of detail. The mayor is concerned that there hasn’t been a detailed presentation of the project put forward to the communal council.The mayor is specifically concerned at the lack of information outlining how much impact the project would have on the Exotic Gardens. Nicolas Croési agrees, calling the project scandalous because the Exotic Gardens are communal and the project should have room for the Communal Council’s input, especially when the future structure may cover the first section of the Exotic Gardens. André J. Campana believes the Gardens have heritage value and the government is threatening to decide on a project which affects an area that does not belong to them.

During the debate at the National Council, elected officials also brought up the cable car project duringa public discussion. Jacques Rit would prefer to wait for the results of a global impact study, Philippe Clerissi believes the project is innovative and Jean-Louis Grinda sees the project as important. He fully supports the cable car because hebelieves in the principle of mobility.

Exotic Gardens Monaco

For Marie-Pierre Gramaglia, government-minister advisor for Equipment, Urban Planning and Environment, the cable car project is crucial for the redevelopment of the West of the Principality. It would ease traffic and prevent vehicles from entering the Principality. Caroline Rougaignon-Vernin would rather develop a cable car from La Turbie.

In any case, the project only in the analysis phase. The government has not yet finalized its studies, both in economic terms and in terms of mobility. Once the analysis is completed, the information will be given to the National Council and the town hall. No final decision will be made before the review of the 2019 budget.

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