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AS Monaco Stars: best players in the history of the Club

AS Monaco Stars.

Kylian Mbappe is 17 years old, and was considered the most lethal player, against St Etienne. He is considered the latest wonder kid of the Monaco Football Academy, at only 17 showing so much potential. The academy has produced some real football legends over the years, some of whom have won many titles from Champions League to World Cups. Here again, the Principality shows that it is always looking for and coaching excellence.

To the image of Kylian Mbappe, 17-year-old who is a pure produce of the academy, the club has often provided high level players who had a steep progression curve in their careers.

To name but a few:

Manuel Amoros, did his entire training at AS Monaco. His first match with the club was against Laval. He played 9 seasons for the club which represented 348 matches, and he totalled 42 goals in that time. He was one of the best defenders of his time. He also played for France (82 caps). He left AS Monaco to join l’Olympic de Marseille, back in Bernard Tappie’s day.

Manuel Amoros AS Monaco
Manuel Amoros

Bruno Bellone, was a great left winger, evolved and progressed in Monaco for 7 years. From 1980 to 1987, he was very young but his speed and talent were impressive enough to win him a spot on the French National team at the age of 19, as well as the nickname “Lucky Luke”. Sadly his career was short lived due to serious ankle injuries.

Bruno Bellone As Monaco
Bruno Bellone

Emmanuel Petit, was a keen and young all-rounder, he was essentially a midfielder but whilst playing for Monaco, he evolved all over field. He played for AS Monaco between 1989 and 1997, during which he won the championship. He is also part of the French side that won the World Cup in 1998. He scored the 1000th French goal as well as the 3rd goal in the world cup finals of 1998.

Emmanuel Petit As Monaco
Emmanuel Petit

David Trezeguet, was an efficient and great goal scorer. He was part of the club at the same time as Thierry Henry, although a bit slower in progression, before being capped, he was great once he got going. He scored 62 goals in 125 matches. David also played for France.

David Trezeguet AS Monaco
David Trezeguet

Lilian Thuram, also affectionately known as “Tutu”, kicked off his club career with Monaco at the age of 19. Not really impressive at first, he came out of his shell by excelling as a right back player (defence). He holds the record for most caps in the French national team. 142 caps.

Lilian Thuram AS Monaco
Lilian Thuram

Thierry Henry, is probably the most well-known player to have come from AS Monaco. He played 141 games for the club, between 1994 and 1999, and scored 28 goals. He is also part of the legendary team that won the 1998 world cup, and the rest of his club football career was nothing short of legendary.

Thierry Henry AS Monaco
Thierry Henry
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