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Autumn Activities in the Oceanographic Museum

A lively autumn lies ahead, as you can see from this programme of activities scheduled from 21st October to 5th November 2017.

To counter Halloween spells, the Oceanographic Museum takes you into the fascinating and colourful realm of the marine world: let yourself be guided by Professor Tentaculus for an unusual visit, enjoy a 360° dive with sperm whales, view gorgeous fluorescent coral and spark your imagination in front of the giant works of Philippe Pasqua… real and virtual fun awaits you and your family!

New and unusual visit! Go on a trip to the Museum with Professor Tentaculus!

Want to discover the museum differently? Professor Tentaculus takes you aboard his imaginary ship on an incredible adventure. An original and quirky journey through the seas of the world and into the history of the Museum … But beware! The Professor is a surprising creature, a playful jokester, ready to make you laugh on this amazing trip… So, are you ready to embark?

  • Every day at 14:15, 15:15, 16:15
  • Meet in the Entry Hall. Duration: 40min (Level 0) Maximum 30 people per session, online booking, at external ticket office or point of sale, extra 6 €/person or 20 € per family (2 adults and up to 2 children).
Oceanographic Museum

ImmerSEAve 360: two films for a unique dive in the oceans

NEW! “Little Big Whale”: The poetic story of an old whale and his travels in the big ocean. One day, he meets a Man. Through sensational 360° images, follow these giants who roam the seas of the world, listen to them as they talk to you and take you along for the journey.

“Tubbataha 360°”: Then, embark with the Oceanographic Institute to the Philippines and dive into one of the most beautiful seas in the world, on the Tubbataha Natural Park. Without a mask or a snorkel, experience the excitement of a dive without getting wet!

  • Every day at 12:30, 13:30, 14:30, 15:30, 16:30. Meet in the Entry Hall. Duration: 30 minutes (Level 0) Online booking, at the external ticket office or at the point of sale, extra 8 €/person (from 12 years old) or 20 € per family (2 adults and up to 2 children).

NEW! Digital experience and marine curiosities

Created in 2011 by the artist Mark Dion, Oceanomania is the largest cabinet of marine objects in the world. Skeletons, fossils, models, scuba gear, precious books… so many unique pieces to (re)discover in 3D interactively! Take a fun tour of the Museum’s heritage with a touch screen and share your experience on social media with the selfie feature and fun filters.

  • To discover via free access every day, in Oceanomania (level 1).
  • Video teaser:


The Museum is Dressing up the Whale Room and Its Skeletons of Sound and Light Let yourself be carried away by this moment of magic and discover the skeletons of fin whales, killer whales and narwhals as you’ve never seen them before.

  • To be discovered every hour, from 10 am to 5 pm: Salle de la Baleine (level 1).

Fish Snacktime: Do not miss the daily meal of the Shark Lagoon residents! This spectacular moment is a unique opportunity to interact with our teams. Sitting in front of the aquarium, eyes riveted on the fish, the children will not lose a single detail.

  • Every day at 11:15 am: Meet in the Aquarium (level -1)

Discovering Fluorescent Coral Rocks, animals or plants? In a nocturnal atmosphere and in a tropical basin of 5,000 litres, come and discover the mystery of the fluorescent coral, an amazing species with almost unreal colours…

  • Every day, activities at 12h: Meet in the Fluorescent Coral Room (level 0)
  • Observe coral fluorescence every hour for 15 minutes (xh15 to xh30).
Oceanographic Museum

Meal Time Meeting Meet with a facilitator and attend the meal of one of our residents while discovering the habits and secrets of aquariologists!

  • Every day at 17:15: Meet in the Aquarium, tropical room (level -2)

I protect the oceans In a brand new and unusual basin, made in collaboration with the artist Philippe Pasqua, the Oceanographic Museum invites you to discover what lies all too often on the seabed and our coasts…waste! A work conceived as part of the campaign launched by the European Union “Aquariums of the world pledge to fight marine pollution”.

  • Every day at 17:30: Meet in the Aquarium, tropical room (level -2)

The Touch Pool Touching a starfish, feeling the quills of a sea urchin, caressing a Mediterranean shark baby… Thanks to our animators, come learn with your hands!

  • Meet in the Hall. Duration: 30 minutes (level 0)
  • Every Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday at 12 pm and every day at 13h, 14h, 15h, 16h.

Maximum of 15 children per session, online booking, at the external ticket office or at the point of sale, extra € 6/child (3 to 12 years).

Feeding Basin Become an aquarium specialist and feed the species who live in the tactile basin with your own hands. An opportunity for children to have a unique encounter with animals.

  • Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 12h, meet in the Hall (Level 0).

15 children max per session, online booking, at the external ticket office or at the point of sale, extra 8 €/child (4 to 12 years old).

BORDERLINE, by Philippe Pasqua. Extended opening! With more than 355,000 visitors since its opening in May, the exhibition has been extended until 7 January, 2018: ten XXL works (8 sculptures, 2 paintings) have taken over the space. A giant tortoise trapped in a fishing net, a shark almost 10 metres long sacrificed by human activity and exhibited as a trophy… the artist questions the public on its relationship with nature, death and rebirth.

*Programme subject to change. Press contact: Alexandra Bardy +377 93 15 36 82 –

October and November will be full of fun as this activities programme offers fun for all ages!

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