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Baccalaureate candidates 2017 congratulated

In this article, we present some details of the 2017 baccalaureate candidates who have achieved success in their secondary school studies in Monaco and who have received well deserved praise on this achievement.

Christophe Steiner, president of the national board, and Christophe Robino, chairman of the Committee on Education and Youth (CEJ), welcomed the new Monegasque baccalaureate holders of the Principality of Monaco and congratulated them on their hard work. On this occasion, Robino highlighted the strong commitment of the members of his committee to propose the best possible conditions for students, particularly in terms of financing studies, through the creation of a student loan and a scholarship which are specific to the very best schools, also known as the grandes écoles.

He took this time to remind the students that they represented the future of their country and that by pursuing their studies outside the Principality they had a role to play as an ambassador for the image of their country.

After extending his thanks to the teams of teachers and the staff of the schools and the Directorate of National Education, Youth and Sports, the President of the CEJ congratulated the high school students on their excellent 98.6% success rate in the baccalaureate and noted the increase in the number of “very good” mentions. This surely reflects the continued good work of the school system and the young people applying themselves in their studies, with fantastic results.

The President of the CEJ concluded by offering his encouragement for the years of higher education to come. A gift was presented to them during a reception which was an opportunity for each of the candidates to discuss their choice of studies focus with the elected officials present. These 2017 baccalaureate candidates will surely go on to do great things.

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